7-Day Motivational Thread Beginning 1/3/2011??

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Default 7-Day Motivational Thread Beginning 1/3/2011??

Anyone up for another round?
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Oh thank you thank you thank you Cassie. I need this in the worst way. I haven't been "terrible", but things have slipped some (okay a little more than "some"), but I've let it happen since the kids have been on break and we're off our usual routine anyway. I've actually been missing some of my healthy habits, so I'm hoping to jump on the wagon tomorrow morning and get right back to them.

This week for my health I vow to:

1. Drink 96 oz of water daily.
2. Exercise Mon-Sat and make a plan to seriously train for the race in May
3. Eat between 1,350 and 1,650 calories
4. Keep my proteins at or above 35%
5. Throw out the rest of the gingerbread cookies, I don't even like them!
6. Complete at least 6 things every day from the list of "Things that must be done".

The list of "Things that must be done" is this crazy thing I start every January. It's a list of all the stupid nooks and crannies in the house, things that need to be cleaned, reorganized, shoveled out or gotten rid of. It's basically spring cleaning, but in the winter. Spring is nuts around here, the kids all play soccer and once the season starts it's mom-on-the-go 4-5 days/week.
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I am, even though I did not accomplish everything I wanted to, I did make some headway.

Last week it was water, breakfast and the beginnings of exercise. This week I will continue with:

1) 2 L water daily
2) Keeping below 1500 calories
3) Simple ball exercises
4) Get out my weights and start some upper body work
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I am also looking forward to feeling really good like I did when I was losing wt and exercising regularly.
This week's goals:
1. Drink at least 72 oz water
2. 5 fruits/veg's each day
3. Multivitamin daily
4. Limit calories to no more than 1500 per day
5. Exercise min. of 4 days/45 minutes each - real exercise! (the bubble game on the Wii doesn't count!)

That oughtta do it!
Happy 2011 everyone!
New year - new signature.
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May I join?
This week's goals:
1. Take my vitamin daily
2. Drink 64oz of water
3. No soda unless diet
4. Exercise daily for at least 15 minutes
5. Eat breakfast everyday
6. Log my food daily no matter how embarassing it is
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i'm in as well, things that i want to do:
1. drink 2 L water yes
2. log my food yes
3. exercise at least 5 times/ week no
4. keep my protein at 35-40 % no
5. come up with some hobbies? no

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Hi everyone, welcome newcomers i was missing this thread too. thanks cjonshon728 for starting. My goals:

1) drink more water, and at least 1 herbal tea a day
2) eat between 1800-1900kcal
3) no more than 50g of fat a day (eliminate nuts as much as possible)
4) continue with bike and dvd on alternating days
5) be firm and not give up in support of DH in his quitting smoking (top priority)
6) send a letter to grandma, with the pics i promised her

I didn't do arts and crafts with kids this week so we are going today to Wax Museum, it will be fun i hope.
DH was trying to quit smoking like a million times, and always said he didn't have enough strenght. I secretly took his cigs, poured water on them, hid all his change and all cards, and hid his keys. Now he has nothing to smoke, no money/credit cards to go buy smokes with, and if he does find some change, he can't go out, coz he has no keys and i won't let him in. Wicked, I know, but it has to work this time he took the wet cigs, dried them and smoked as many of them as he could, but last night he ran out of them so we'll see.
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Hi Everyone! Happy healthy new year!!! Cassie, thanks for getting this going!! MunaAmin, you are not wicked, you are trying to save DH! Good for you!

My goals:
1) More fruits and veg and healthy food
2) 64 oz water minimum
3) exercise 3x minimum this week
4) continue "serious" writing
5) drop clothes at Goodwill
6) get some decent sweatpants and jeans that fit. I am not Hugh Heffner; I cannot go around in my pajamas in public (nor would I exploit women and marry someone 80 years younger than me but I digress.)

Good luck everyone!!!

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Good morning everyone! I am really in a funk today. I got up and attempted to exercise. Really didnt want to so I didnt put very much in it. I am getting bored with the DVD's I have. I think its time to get out of the house and maybe join a gym.

Here are my goals this week:

1. Drink at least 80 oz of water. I need more but I am having a hard time getting much in at work. So I am going to try and build myself back up.
2. Eat 1400-1500 calories per day.
3. Exercise 45 minutes daily
4. No Sweets!!!
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Glad to have everyone on board this week! I don't understand why I continue to fall off the wagon, here...but hopefully this will be the end of it with kids back to school tomorrow and most of the junk out of the house.

1. Stick to my calorie limit.
2. No cookies...gateway drug!
3. 2-3 big blue bottles of water daily.
4. Exercise...daily this week to get back in the habit.
5. Increase the protein (been at about 25%).

Today's specific goal is to finish cleaning the kitchen and oven. The heating element on the bottom of the range caught fire last night while I was preheating for dinner and we had to discharge a fire extinguisher. I am absolutely stunned at how much of a mess it made; I have white powder everywhere. But the mess is better than having my house burned to a crisp, I guess!

Good luck with your goals, everyone! We can definitely do this!
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