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LADIES - what is your workout routine?


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Default LADIES - what is your workout routine?

I am starting with a Zumba dvd and also doing Slim in 6 every day. By this summer, I hope to either be able to get a gym membership or start the P90X. What workouts have worked for you?
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I started exercising only 2 months ago, I do stationery bike for cardio (30min 3times a week) and toning exercise from DVD, mostly arms, but with 2.2lb weights so it also gives a decent sweat, i do this about 2-3times a week, and i walk about 2hrs a day on weekdays (i walk DD to school, do grocery shopping etc.)
With 3 kids under 6y i have no chance to go to gym but i plan that when they get a bit older, but I think I get a lot of exercise sometimes they are like two bullets shot in opposite directions (LO doesn't walk yet)
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M-F I work out 5:00-6:00am. It varies, but it's usually cardio intensive and core strengthening, DVD's, elliptical, shoulder rehab exercises or Wii Fit Plus, whatever my half awake brain can face. M and W nights I go to the gym (60-75 minutes) while the kids are at swimming practice (same building), at the gym I do weightlifting, abs, core strengthening and some cardio (for warm-up). On Saturdays (schedule permitting) I go to the gym for an hour in the morning, sometimes it's weights and other times it's the dreaded treadmill. On Sunday I don't do too much, it's my day off and if I get in any sort of workout, it's just a walk to and from the grocery store, which is about 2 miles total. Before it got cold I was walking the kids to school in the morning, but now that it's winter we're probably going to get to the pool for a.m. lap swim 1-2x/week.
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I make sure to warm up before lifting -- usually I pedal a bike for 5 minutes (if I'm not biking to the gym) and then do some crazy-looking squats, jumps and windmill-type things (i.e. nothing too structured, just moving around).

I lift heavy weights 3 nights a week (never two nights in a row), concentrating on compound movements like squats, deadlifts, presses, lunges and so on. This takes about 30-40 minutes each session.

I also do 2-3 sessions of high intensity intervals (HIIT) totaling about 60-80 minutes (for the week). If I'm feeling saucy, I'll do it the same night as lifting (afterward, though). If I'm tired or short on time, I'll do it alternate nights. I much prefer to get it all done in one night and let my body recover the next day -- I feel that I have a better workout when my body is rested.

I'll also do some kind of low impact steady state cardio or yoga once or twice a week to reinforce good habits (like "I'm just going to the gym to remind myself to do healthy stuff") or to loosen up if I'm sore. I might jog or bike for a half hour, but nothing too serious. In the summer I bike to the gym, so I don't do as much steady state cardio then.

I stretch for at least 15 minutes after each workout. I always listen to sweet music and reflect on my day and workout when I stretch. Before I got all "purposeful" about stretching I'd get impatient, but now itís great.

Most importantly, I write everything down (how long, how far, what intensity, how did I feel, how long did it take, etc..) I'm pretty obsessive about this -- like it doesn't count unless I record it. But itís really cool to look back and see how I've improved over time and it helps me to stay committed. I also record my goals for the week and upcoming months, how my day went, how much sleep I got, my nutrition for the day, and an overall rating for how the day went.
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I do a lot of calisthenics (lunges, hip bridges, ect) as well as things like bicep curls. The biggest parts of my workout are uphill running (incline treadmill) for about 15-25 minutes and the stair stepper for about 20 minutes.

Often on the weekends I'll do aerobics and a more extensive calisthenic workout.
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I heard Zumba is really good. I know someone that just took zumba and lost a ton of weight! I belong to a gym and I'm going to do both strength training and classes like zumba and step. I also think that a yoga class here and there really helped motivated me before so I may try to get a few of those in.

I have a goal to hit the gym 4-5 days a week. I'm 34 years old, no kids but I work as an attorney and I also run a jewelry business from my home. I usually teach at a local college but took the semester off to focus on the jewelry and myself!

There is no reason I have so much weight on right school is no longer an excuse for me....that was over 6 years ago!
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Walking 20 - 40 min per day and/or XBox Kinnect activities.
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4 days = weight training
2 days = HIIT cardio
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I work out 4-5 times a week.
My work out consists of;
45-60 minutes on the treadmill/elliptical
15-20 minutes of strength training- i am trying to tone! I use the medicine balls and do all sorts of sit ups and lunges with them.
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i work out 5-6 times a wk
cardio 3-4 times wk
weight training-2 times wk
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