22 lbs by June Monday (12/13/10) Weigh-In

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Default 22 lbs by June Monday (12/13/10) Weigh-In

Hello Everyone,

Hope you had a good week and weekend...

Today's weight: 130.6. Yea!

I'm pleased because I had been ill and fighting "comfort food" cravings these last several days. Plus, this weekend is a huge Christmas Victorian Holiday celebration at my son's and daughter's high school. They are both in a choir and they put on a great concert with Madrigal singing and serve a SEVEN course meal. We went Saturday night and my husband and I will go again tonight...I had to not over-indulge on the many appetizers!!!
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Hi Dawn,
I hope you don't mind, I brought your last post over to this new thread for this week's weigh-in.

DawnMillions Wrote:

YEAH! The scale finally moved downward and I lost a pound this week. This thread has really motivated me to be strict with my journalling and make an extra effort to lose weight. Thanks - I look forward to reading your posts. I think it is Monday here in Germany first because of the time difference with N.America.

angel_nie13 / a.vannice / etlosenow - In the past when I had to lose weight, I thought I had hit my "set-point" and was stuck there for months. I was able to finally start losing again by simply changing what I ate for breakfast a few times a week. At the time I always had oatmeal and fruit for breakfast but I switched to egg beater / egg white omelettes with vegetables a few times a week and I was finally able to get past my plateau and the weight started coming off easier after that. Maybe you just need to make a slight change in something you are eating to see a change in your weight.

I am still having trouble getting my food intake to 2000 cal or less per day but getting closer most days at least. If I could just find the willpower to eat less I would see much quicker results!

What are people doing over the Xmas holidays in terms of journalling and trying to lose weight? I will be without a computer during my holidays so won't be journalling / weighing-in for a time, but hope to at least maintain my weight. Plan to get right back to tracking on Fitday as soon as my holiday is over. It makes me very conscious of my food intake and is motivating to hear from others.

Current Weight: 141.5
Goal Weight (15 Mar 2011): 130
Starting Weight (21 Nov 2010): 144
Height: 5'6"

Dawn, I agree he holidays are always a rough time which is why I'm glad we got this thread going right before the holidays because I still feel so motivated. Usually, my attitude is "Well, I know I'm going to gain during the holidays so I will start the first of the year. But by then, I am usually fighting a few extra pounds I didn't originally have and by the time I lose those, I've given up--think: broken New Year's Resolutions. I think that by disciplining myself right now and seeing some positive outcomes already, that I will be better motivated to stay good during the temptations. We have a few holiday parties coming up and my intention is to start with the fruits, salads first and just minimally sample the carb/dessert portions.

Dawn, you are right about the breakfast issue. Recently, I have focused my attention on breakfasts. Right now I am focusing on starting the day off with 3 fruit servings and either yogurt or milk. In the past, I too would focus on the oatmeal. Sometimes I would have to eat a good sized breakfast and smaller lunch and dinner and that actually helped me bring my cholesteral and triglycerides down. Right now I am eating lots of fruits and veggies throughout the day so that I am not ever feeling hungry but not adding many empty calories.

I'm going to try to be good with my food tracking especially over the holidays but I am finding that I am getting into the routine of "eating healthy" by just starting each meal with a fruit or salad first so that I have less room for the "heavy" foods.

Everyone: Do you want us to keep starting a new thread for each Monday weighin? So far I have because I think it would be easier to not get lost in 10 or more pages of posts as we go through our weight loss journey together. But I want to know what you guys think. If we do want to start a new thread for each weigh in, I would ask Dawn to start it since she seems to be the earliest time zone in our group?

Let me know what you think? What do you think Dawn?

Thanks everyone, for your support.
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I can see how a new thread is helpful.

I will come back tomorrow. I forgot today I was supposed to weigh-in. I'm not very enthusiastic. I've had a lack of energy all week long and have been napping a lot. It was the same this weekend. I haven't exercised this week the way I wanted to and I had lasagna on Saturday and Sunday (although a lot less than what I would normally stuff my face with). I'm hoping to have "no change" but it's likely that the numbers will go up slightly... we'll see tomorrow!
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i like the new thread, too.. it's hard to keep up with a trillion pages of posting.

congrats you two that saw a change on the scale, and changing your eating habits to support your healthy lifestyle i think progress can definitely be measured in the small habit changes that add up.

i'm still at 167.5. i weighed myself every day this week and it keeps fluctuating between 167-168.5. however, i'm not unhappy about it. i met the goal that i set for myself last week - i worked out 5 days, 2 of those were strength training with cardio after.

I think that my being stuck is caused by the fact that, although i'm still exercising portion control (a huge one for me), i've been eating out a lot and i quit smoking about a month ago. For the moment, i'm ok with this. if being stuck is something that i have to endure to ensure my health later down the road, that is totally fine with me. dawn, thank you for your suggestion about switching things up. i have definitely gotten in a rut with my meals so i need to change things up, which foods i'm eating and also calorie cycling throughout the week, to get the scale on the decline again.

also, i wanted to report something major. i, for the first time ever, rolled out of bed an hour early JUST to hit the gym i like working out in the afternoon; i need the activity after a full day of seated office work. however, working out before breakfast boosts your metabolism all day. also, i know i have made progress because i ran faster than usual, by about .5mph, and didn't struggle at any point. so i am very, very pleased with myself. i felt like a total gym junkie, and that's totally cool with me. i'm going to attempt this every morning before work, although it might not be practical when i have to drive my hubby to work (we wake up at 4:30 on those days, ouch).

have a good week!!
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Ah ok my scale reads 172.5 which is up from last time. Oops.

Actually I know where this is coming from, I've been less energetic and haven't exercised, I've been sick and gravitated toward comfort food, and I let my boyfriend do the grocery shopping so there wasn't that many healthy alternatives around...

This week I'm trying to gain back steam. We went shopping again last night and bought lots of fruits, vegetables, and even egg whites. I think the food choices will be on the right track this ween and then the next step is getting back into a workout routine.
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A new weekly thread on Mondays works for me. I will miss the next few Monday weigh-ins online as I am away this Xmas season (on a beach thank goodness away from this cold and snow - would have been nice to be bikini-ready though. Hope by summertime swimsuit shopping will no longer be the esteem deflating experience it usually is if we reach our weight-loss goals!!!). But I would be happy to start a new weigh-in thread each week when I am back if I am the first to post.

MischaKitty - Maybe you need more sleep at night? I often reach for food when really I would rather have a rest - so maybe you need a few naps if it helps you, especially if you have been sick. I often go to bed very early since it helps me avoid evening snacking (and I am woken every morning by 4 or 5 am anyway by the baby). I also find going outside even if itís just for a short walk really invigorates me. The thought of getting out there is extremely unappealing in winter until I actually do it but then I am always glad I did.
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Yes you're right. I know that I always feel good after a workout and I even find that my skin on my face is less dry and smoother, and just everything seems a lot better. I even sleep better those nights. It's something I definitely have to do... just having trouble getting it started up again.

Last night was a late night for me... brought the kitty cat to the vet for her checkup but because of the snow we got here I had to wait for a taxi for over an hour. We were late getting there. Luckily they had a cancellation right after our appointment and were able to take us. Mischa (the cat) is just fine, but she needs to go on a diet too. She's 12 lbs and could stand to lose 1 lbs. Ah, to be a cat... Got home at 7:30 and so had a very late supper. Fell asleep on the couch at 9:30... So tonight I will set my bedtime for 10 pm!
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I had one week of getting into the workout routine and then got very sick. I sneezed so much on Wednesday of last week that Thursday my muscles on my back were aching so much that I couldn't even bend over to get food out of the fridge...OK, in hindsight, maybe that was a good thing. Just kidding. I felt miserable for a few days but now feel better... Still, now I have to get back into the exercise routine. It doesn't take much to fall out of it.

My poor kitty (Cleo) needs to gain weight right now. She was just diagnosed with diabetes and had been losing weight for a while. She was down to six pounds so we are trying to bulk her up but needs to be on a special diet. (Diets all around at our house, it seems.)

I'm still doing well in watching what I eat overall but I am up almost a pound from my lowest weigh-in. I am still on track to meet my December goal, provided I behave myself during some upcoming holiday parties.

Dawn:Nice way to rub in your escape from the cold. I'm a little jealous. Hope you have a great time on vacation. And, Yes, it would be great if when you come back, you could start the new weigh in threads if you are the first to post.

Mischakitty: I agree that the late night eating is a killer. Usually now, if I start feeling hungry at night I go straight to bed in order to not cave in. Some nights, as you described, can't be helped. I know I don't get enough sleep, which isn't good either. I usually get into bed between 11-11:30 pm and wake at 5:15 M-F. I "sleep in" until about 7:30 on weekends.

Have a good weekend everyone.
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I love your enthusiasm so I guess I'll just follow you and your progress. I totally can't see where I posted yesterday. Posting is all new to me so I may never catch on to this! I can just play along and that may be enough motivation!

I've lost and gained the same 10 pounds for 20 years or more. I seldom go over 137, and right now I'm at 135. I'd like to be around 123--only 12 pounds! Two and one-half years ago, I was actually 119--so you can see this is a 16 pound gain. Yikes! (Sure helps to put this in print.)

I guess I'll set my goals even if I'm not in the "group":
Start weight 1/2/2012 - 135#
First goal Jan. 30 - 131#
Final goal March 13 - 125#
I'll set mini-goals on FitDay as I go along.

Thanks for your enthusiasm!
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