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Originally Posted by [email protected]
I stay between 1,490 - 1,840 calories daily and have gradually increased my activity over the past 3 months. For more details you can check out : My Spark Page

In regards to calories, I have only gone over once in 3 months (this past Friday), but more often I am under.

This is what I am doing now:
- I walk before work everyday (2-3 miles, sometimes outside, sometimes to a DVD)
- I walk during my morning break everyday (approx 1 mile)
- Tues & Thurs I do marathon sessions at the YMCA: 7-10 minutes cardio, 15-20 minutes strength training, and then go in the pool for 45 minutes.
- Saturdays I do Aqua Jogging and try to go outside and play with the kids
- Sunday I either go outside and play with the kids, go to the flea market and walk or go to the YMCA and do 40 minutes of cardio

Let me know if you want more info!!!
You memeber page does not work. It says member not found

I am always up for hearing success stories!
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Thumbs up

Love your pic almeeker
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arrggg - it works when I click it!!

LOL - my username on SparkPeople is tampabookworm

Try this link

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Man, I love my new KitchenAid, but it is going to be the death of my weight loss plans. I just can't stop baking! I'm sending the results to work in the morning with my husband, but it's hard not to sample along the way....
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Originally Posted by WeightlossBoo
Lol, love it!

So which one is you Almeeker?
I'm the one in the orange shirt silly, not the striped tigger costume. That's my DH and I with the DD's at the Crystal Palace in Disney. I have another really funny one of Tigger blowing in my ear.

BTW, zootnar, that pic is hilarious!!!
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>>>GameGal shuffles off pouting, mumbling about she was sooo sure she now knew Tigger! <<<
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Didn't lost anything this week! And thanks to Aunt Flo I gained about 2lbs.
I think this week I shall live in the gym.
On the plus side I did sell some bits on eBay, and then quickly spend it all on new gym clothes and a rare figure from a computer game for my amazing other half.
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I am going to assume most of the reg posters here are busy with holiday stuff.. and thats why no posts anywhere .. BUT!! if you dont post soon, Santa will come and kick some butt!
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GameGal -- you called me OUT. But it's not holiday issues that kept me from posting -- it was TWO FOLD.

ONE -- does ANYONE have a problem with Fitday having connection issues fairly often? I get to the site, I can log in, I can log my FOOD, but I can't get to the forums about 80% of the time I try. if I log off, close ALLLLL of my explorer windows (I do a lot of multi-window tasking, so to do this is PAIN) and THEN I can sometimes get on. Anyone else have the problem and know how to solve it??

TWO -- One word, DIVORCE. Thinking it would be easy, of course it's not -- it's hard. And I have been through hell and back the past two weeks. Discovered many things about my husband that I didn't know. I am very disappointed in him, but I am already working on forgiveness FOR MY OWN SAKE.

That said -- today is a HUGE new day for me and one of my "A" level (any Franklin-folks out their? ) priorities is to log and post daily.

Another priority is to DREAM big and LOVE huge. I am spending time each day in meditation to focus on my dreams and try and eliminate "limiting beliefs" that keep me from achieving them, and spending FOCUSED time on just sending love to someone else. Pure, unaldulterated love for no other reason than to surround those people with love. SO I AM ASKING -- if you are in need of LOVE right now, please let me know and let me know a little bit of why and I will add you to my "LOVE LIST"

Going to log now -- but will be back. Need much support now and hope to give lots back.

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Oh, GameGal, do not threaten me with the likes of Santa! You're right, though, things have been quiet round these parts. I'm working on going back to school next semester to teach (hide your children), so that's been taking up some time and more than a little energy, but other than that, things are quiet. On the fitness front, all is well - for anyone who likes working out at home, even now and then, I strongly recommend Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home program - I got the 4 Really Big Miles DVD a couple weeks ago and absolutely love it. It gave my metabolism a much-needed boost start and it's really, really fun! I also credit it for speeding up my weight loss. I also like her motivation and training style way more than Jillian Michaels, who I was using. I like Jillian's workouts, but I don't really like her or the way her mug seems to be EVERYWHERE I look these days. Just my 2 cents.
Angela - I can't imagine what you're going through right now, but I know that it's a lot. I think you're right to keep your focus on being kind to yourself, and to most of all love yourself. To answer your question, I don't usually have an issue getting to the forums - unfortunately, I'm not sure what the issue could be. That is odd.
All my best to everyone - be good to yourselves!
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