7-Day Motivational Thread 10/24/2010

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Default Ugh!

Have had a hectic couple of days. I did get in my exercise early yesterday morning, but we had to travel for my son's last football game of the season so that event took up most of the rest of the day. The whole team seemed to be having an off night at once, and they didn't do well at all. I don't know why, but on the way home I decided that I needed potato chips for supper. It had to just be stress eating. I didn't really go over on my calories for the day, but I felt so gunky. Didn't sleep well in the night, so it was impossible to get up early and work out today. I didn't have any energy. My husband received an award at a luncheon today, and I just didn't want to seem rude by leaving any of the $25 a plate meal behind, right down to the chocolate cake. We'd promised my son that we'd take him to dinner after work to celebrate the end of the football season and he picked Johny Carino's. I had decided ahead of time that I would just have a taste and bring the rest home. That idea flopped. I ate everything on my plate....again. I am stuffed, but remarkably don't feel like so much of a failure. I realize that this is an ongoing process, today was special for many reasons, and I can only analyze my poor food choices and plan my attack for the next time something like this comes along. Thanks for all your help and support; even when I fall down big time.
Tomorrow is another day, right?
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Well I was going to skip posting today because it was a total bust. I ate so many calories I stopped logging. The potluck at work, the treat after dinner, the candy at the counter... the thing is, I dont even love sweets. My biggest weakness are things like bread and butter. I am frustrated with myself a little, but thinking about what you all said about this being about the long haul, and about lifestyle choices and getting back on the wagon and not losing site of the big picture helps. Tomorrow is another day.

I did do two things in the last couple of weeks tht I'm happy about. I got my teeth (my smile) fixed and I got a hair cut. I know these probably seem like trivial things, but I have to tell you that for the last 24 years (since my son was born) I have put me last, and seldom spent money on things that were deemed unnecessary. And I am always telling myself 'when I lose weight' I'll do this or that. Well, I decided not to wait. I deserve a nice haircut, a pretty smile. Yes, I will always feel a little guilty about it, because there are always others with so much more need than I have, but sometimes it needs to be about me too. A good step toward getting healthy I think.

Good night everyone. Have a great weekend. I'll be leaving for my trip tomorrow and will be back next week around Tuesday night or Wednesday.

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Thumbs up

Good morning!

Darlean and Susan--Thank you so much for your last posts! It inspired me to do better today! We all have those down days where we really fall off the wagon. It is hard to stop the negative self talk sometimes when you go on a binge. Reading about someone else going through the same thing makes you realize you are not a failure but just hitting a bump in the road!

I feel ready to tackle the candy this weekend--and not in a gobble it all down way!!!

Today is a brand new opportunity to a healthier life! It is also my beautiful mother's birthday! I feel so grateful to still have her in my life. From my first conscious recollections of my mom, I see her putting everyone first and not taking care of herself. I see how the extra weight, lack of exercise, and unhealthy eating habits has taken its toll on her. She had a heart attack 3 years ago that led to kidney failure. God bless my amazing brother for giving her the gift of life in one of his kidneys. She is now taking better care of herself and doing well. Watching her over the years has made me realize how important it is to take care of yourself physically and emotionally; otherwise, you are no good to anyone else. I had my children late in life and I want to stay healthy for them. Most importantly, I want to stay healthy for me

My goal for today is to just think happy thoughts! I think that will keep the candy at bay!!!

I hope all of you have a wonderful candy-free weekend!!!
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Yes, thanks for the posts Darleen. I have for the past few weeks now had family parties, hubby's birthday etc fall on the weekends. And what do I go and do...eat a bunch of crap and then not feel good about myself afterwards. The worst part is, that it takes me all week practically to get back to my current weight and yet I still do it.

Well this weekend, nothing is going on since the hubby will be out of town visiting his brother and it will just be the baby and I. Which you would think would be perfect, except for the fact that I like to eat when I am bored. So my goal for the weekend, and I know I can attain it and actually have a full week of eating healthy for once in the past month, will be to stick to my diet and exercise routine and get past my current weight on the scale come Monday.

We all have our challenges and things that cause us to derail from our original goals and plans. But let's try to change those this weekend...make a huge stand against all the things that are trying to sidetrack us and say NO, kick them in the balls and keep going! Good luck...I know we can all achieve what we set our minds too this weekend!
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Hey ladies!

I managed yesterday to finish a little under 1500 calories. Yay!! Two days in a row. And my protein has been in the 30's! I didnt work out again last night but I did get up this morning and exercise for an hour.

We are having a halloween party here at work today so I have got to try and be good. I really dont want to ruin it today!

Well my plans for the weekend are to clean out my hall closet(ugh I should have kept my big mouth shut on that one) and I have to clean my DH's grandmothers house. With this and Halloween hopefully I will stay off the eating train!

Its Friday!!!!
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I think one of the things that I like about Fitday, is that you can read how other people are going through similar struggles, whether it be about foods eaten or not eaten, exercise or life issues. Somehow knowing you're not alone, makes a world of difference, so thank you all for sharing.

Report on yesterday:

1. Drink 96 oz of water-no,yes,yes(plus a little extra),no
2. Do extra sit ups if watching tv at night.yes, yes,no,yes
3. Eat more veggies. yes,yes,sort of,no
4. Not buy junk food even if the kids beg for it.yes,yes,yes,yes
5. No eating processed foods.yes, yes,yes,yes
6. Gym to lift weights or run outside if weather cooperates 4-5 times.yes,yes,yes,yes

I too am in on the" no Halloween candy" track. If I start to eat it, I end up eating it until I make myself sick. I've got five kids going out, and the candy that comes home is INSANE!
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Default Bad couple of days...

So I was totally in the zone and feeling unbreakable. Last weekend I had some health scares and I didn't want to weigh myself because my stomach felt bloated. Tuesday night I just lost self control and the cravings hit. And I just couldn't put it back together on Wednesday and Thursday. Of course, this frustrates me because I feel like a failure. I used to be able to have spotless control. I just need to stay focused and not give up. Plus, it didn't help that we celebrated Halloween at our school yesterday and it felt like a holiday and the cravings hit me once again.

I now know I DO need this accountability. I can't sluff off because it's inspiring reading your posts daily. So...I'm back on the band wagon with some hefty goals but I want this bad. I'm trying to get pregnant and I want my body to be as healthy as possible for this baby I want so badly. I can do it!!!

Today's goals:
Run 3 miles
Drink 1 gallon of water
Keep calories to 1200 with 135 grams of protein
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[QUOTE=almeeker;24082][QUOTE=almeeker;24031]Report card for Wednesday:

1. Keep calories at 1,500/day and no more, 2,455, 1,459, 1,495, 1,621, 2,371 Ugh, 2 Halloween parties too many
2. Keep my protein intake near 40%, 50%, 47%, 50%, 51%, 53% More ugh!
3. Keep my afternoon snack to 200 calories or less, 350, 261, 190, 300, 576, Halloween parties all afternoon!! 576 calories is probably a good score compared to what I could have eaten
4. Spend 30 min/day cleaning, yes, no, NO, NO!!!, NO on Saturday I'm going to make it up for the week (I hope)
5. Exercise 30 min cardio, 15 min shoulder rehab, 15 min stretching no-no-no, 60-no-yes, 60-yes-yes, 13-yes-yes, NO-yes-NO I usually take Fridays off
6. Drink 96 oz of water yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
7. Plan healthy dinners for the week and stick to the plan! yes chili, yes grilled chicken, yes, spaghetti squash with meat sauce yes (leftover spaghetti squash with meat sauce), yes, leftover chili

I did not really meet my own weekend challenge on Friday, but I tried, which helped me keep my calories down. I know 2,371 doesn't look like a low cal day, but given the temptations I faced, it really isn't too bad, seriously there were chocolate bars in my face ALL DAY LONG (the kind I can barely resist on a good day, I only ate 1 1/2 pieces of chocolate candy). I think the key to getting to a healthy weight and maintaining is once you get there is to learn that it's okay to have a treat so long as it's only for special occasions and it's not your normal behavior.

I'm already a little over for Saturday, but I'm going to the gym later and will be trying to keep it to 1,800 calories or less for the day.

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Sorry I havent posted today. I had a post typed up this morning and my computer shut down. I keep having problems but maybe DH can get it fixed.

I didnt do so well yesterday. I caved and had a cupcake at the work Halloween party. But it didnt stop there. DD had a friend sleep over last night and they wanted to go to a little pizza shop in town. My thoughts were I would just have a salad but I didnt. The pizza looked just too good. And yes it was very good for the time I was eating it. I obviously ate too much because I had a terrible stomach ache when I got home. The only positive was they make their thin crust with WW flour and low fat cheese.

Today I did much better. I worked out for an hour this morning. I have stayed well under 1500 calories. Right now I am at 1200 but I will probably have a small snack before bed.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Look forward to hearing from you soon!
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sorry, i ve nt posted for past 2 days.... i got some sudden cravings for chocolates and chips for the past two days... which to led to overeating n late night eating too... i dint keep up wid any of my goals ...i think i was very strict wid myself last week n too calorie/weight conscious.... so i went on loose this week.... i ve actually gained 2 lbs this week but its entirely my fault for not being able to keep up wid my goals....

i hope to make a better start this week n take off the pounds i gained n also some extra pounds off
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