7-Day Motivational Thread 10/24/2010

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Default Good night

Today was hectic, but I kept thinking about my Fitday friends and my goals to keep me motivated. My son was supposed to have a football game, but after traveling for over an hour, the opposing team had to reschedule for tomorrow night and failed to let our team know until we were already there. Normally I would have either had a drink when I got home, or just sat around fuming, but I thought of all of you and the goals we made with each other and I got on the treadmill and ran my best 4 mile time ever! Thanks!!! My son and his team weren't upset, so why should I be? Except I had to take time off work to go, and they rescheduled for tomorrow at a time when I'll have to miss half the game. Wish his team luck everyone! I was so impressed with the coach who told the boys that he didn't want to hear any talk, good or bad, when he told them that they had to travel all the way back home for over an hour and come back again the next day. I think it was a lesson to me, too. Their team has a terrific motto, too...."Hard work will beat talent, if talent doesn't work hard". Don't know who orignally said it, but I think it has merit for all of us. Just because someone can be naturally fit doesn't mean they will stay that way if they don't work at it. And those of us who have to work a little harder at it can reach success if we try harder. Have a good night's rest everyone.
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Hi everyone.
Gmantych, thanks for starting the weekly thread. I will try to catch up on everyone's posts tomorrow. Glanced through them and everyone seems to be on target or trying to get there. Pretty cool. I will only be around a few days this week, but I am setting some goals too.

Log my food and eat less than 1200 calories each day I'm home.
Eat off the diet menu or salads while I'm traveling.
Get in at least three days on the treadmill, more when the hotel has one too.
Dont give up. (Sometimes you have to keep it simple.)

I am hoping to lose a lot of weight in the next 10 weeks. I plan to focus focus focus.

Darlean, I really like the analogy you made to the coach's instructions to the kids. No doubt, hard work and persistence is whats needed to get us there, and will always be needed to keep us there. We can do it.

-Good night everyone.
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Almeeker, Happy Belated Birthday. I think its great you took a day off and enjoyed yourself. I know some eating programs dont allow for deviation, but I think one of the tricks to sticking with a program is finding one that allows you to be realistic about an occasional celebration. Congrats on getting right back on your program. You are always an inspiration to me!

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Gmantych, I' am sorry to hear about your sad day too. I know how that goes. I miss my mom too. Sending you hugs. P.S. Also, I see that closet goal.. I'll be holding you to it

Potterirus - inquiring minds want to know. Whats a sprouted pluses.

EMS1981, Tamber1969, Dysert, Mamogirl18 - glad to see more people joining the weekly thread. I like your goals. Looking forward to hearing about your progress!

Eltaco - dont give up. I have had a terrible time getting my head wrapped around healthy eating the last couple of months, but eventually if you just dont give up, its going to take and you will just think.. wow, I'm finally back on track. One day, one week at a time. You can do it.

Hunny24 - I agree that you need a little fuel if you are running several miles a day! Congrats on your exercise commitment.

Xarinn - Congrats on not letting the slipup derail your goals. I'm still looking foward to that shrimp recipe )

Almeeker - I dont remember what your sholder rehab is for. How'd you hurt it?

Darlean - I like the 'tomorrow will be a good day too because I plan on making it that way' thing too. Thank you. I plan to make mine a good day too!

Well I hope that is everyone. Lots of posts to read. Catching up was fun.

I am adding one more goal for tomorrow. I will not spend time 'eating' while waiting for my car to be fixed tomorrow. It is so tempting as the Midas place is surrounded by places to eat, but I can read a book instead or listen to some motivational cd instead.

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Thumbs up

1. Drink 2.5 litres of water . 2 litres
2. should not eat after 8 pm . 8.30pm.... missed it... had my zumba class 2day fm 7 to 8.
3. do 1 hour of cardio workout . ... whoa ! its zumba day
4. include sprouted pulses in my lunch. yes
5. Have my bowl of fruit salad . yes...
6. have my meals at proper timings : 9-10am brkfast, 12-1pm lunch, 7-8 dinner. yes,yes,no

i had been gulity today , bcoz i had a heavy dinner tonite ( a bowl of fried rice !) n also i ve nt been drinking my water properly.... i hope i dont gain the weight back tat i had lost.....

but after reading thru all the post , i don feel so any more.... esp darlean's post .... yes, hardwork n perseverence will eventually lead 2 success ... luking fwd 2 a more better tomorrow
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sorry abt the confusion... pulses include al the peas, lentils n beans varieties.... the germinated form of anyone of them s sprouted pulses.... its more nutritious , has high protein ( n low fat... mostly unsaturated) n low cost... i ve read tat its therefore known as "poor man's meat"

u can do the germination at home or buy it fm store ( bean sprouts).... i mostly ve vegetarian dishes ( seldom ve fish) ... so i felt twas important 2 include protein in sum form as part of my daily diet....

tat clears things up ! ve a gud nite then
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Was able to go to the gym last night instead of running outside and did 30 mins on the eliptical as well as a ton of core/ab work. Evn threw in some push ups for good measure. I hope to be able to run outside tonight....I am outside of Chicago and anyone reading the news will know we have had 40+ mph winds and even a few tornados touch down yesterday. So hope the wind will be a little better tonight when I want to run. Have a great day everyone!
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1. Drink 96 oz of water-no,yes
2. Do extra sit ups if watching tv at night.yes, yes
3. Eat more veggies. yes,yes
4. Not buy junk food even if the kids beg for it.yes,yes
5. No eating processed foods.yes, yes
6. Gym to lift weights or run outside if weather cooperates 4-5 times.yes,yes

Have a good day ladies! Keep up the good work!
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Thanks for all the B-day wishes. Instead of celebrating my "birthday", I usually celebrate the anniversary of my 28th! LOL. I'm not ashamed of my age, but I absolutely refuse to feel all of those years every day.

susanbfit, I didn't hurt my shoulder doing anything specific, I have something like a bone spur in my acromion. Which I think means I'm getting old, but so far none of the people at that office have officially diagnose me with old age, but I know they are all thinking it... The treatment is exercise and cortisone, and if that doesn't work they can fix it surgically. The PT gave me a list of exercises to do every day, it only takes about 15 minutes, so I'm usually pretty good about it.

WEDNESDAY CHALLENGE!!! I do most of the cooking in this house, and I'm forever having to make food for other things. One of my worst habits is nibbling while I cook, this adds up to a lot of calories that may or may not get logged. I log the ones I can remember, but this is such a mindless habit of mine that I don't always remember doing it. So today's challenge is to keep myself from nibbling. So far so good, but I've had to slap my hands more than once, and that was just to get through breakfast. Which by the way didn't require any cooking...

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Good morning ladies. Well its almost lunch now. I am getting a later start posting this morning.

Susan-Glad to see you here!! I hope you continue to have a good week and take advantage of the hotel's gym! I sure wish I did when I was traveling alot two years ago. I probably wouldnt be where I am at today!!

Yesterday was a horrible food day for me. I finsished in above 2000 calories. But the good news is I got right back up this morning and did my hour workout!! And the scales shows I am down 0.4lbs. So at least it didnt go up with my food downfall yesterday.

I am having a hard time with dinner. I need some new ideas. I feel like we eat the same thing week after week. I like quick fix meals that I can do after work. Or things I could throw in the crock pot in the morning. Any suggestions?
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