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You know how in the movies, people that are stranded in the desert start to see mirages of water because they are so thirsty? Well, I took on almeekers water challenge yesterday, and I was seeing mirages of bathrooms every where I went! I did it though!! I can't believe I drank 96 oz and I can't believe how good I felt either! Maybe I have just been dehydrated all this time. I am trying it again today.

So far this week I have been on track with my goals for the most part. I am a little behind on the extra challenges, but yesterday I resisted the temptation to lunge across the table at the Cheesecake Factory and eat my husbands cheesecake. I ate a salad and drank lots of water. For me, that was huge!

Keep going ladies, sounds like we are all trying hard to stay on track!
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Originally Posted by eltaco View Post
I had to leave town last Friday for an unexpected death in the family. Unfortunately, all the food at my mom's house got me off track. I had no self control. I am getting back on track today!

I hope to catch up on all the posts and see how everyone is doing.
I too am sorry for your loss eltaco. I am glad you were able to come home and get back on track.
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Day's Recap: I was way off track all day. Just couldnt seem to reign in the eating. Yikes on the number of calories. I did make myself go for a fast paced 45 minute walk. Tomorrow is a new day.

My goals for this week:
Eat less than 1400 calories/drink 80 ounces of water: 1646/80, 1363/80, 1077/80, 1265/80, 2757/80
Exercise at least 45 minutes: 60, 30, 30, 70, 45 (BIDIA)
Try to cook two new low calorie meals at least 2 times this week Not yet
Clean out the hallway storage closet – Yes

Extra challenges
Begin Monday: Add an extra 56 ounces of water - 56, 30, 0 xtra, 0
Begin Tuesday: Resist one thing each day - check (donuts), check (the urge not to exercise), check (the urge not to exercise)
Begin Tuesday: Stretch for 10 minutes: 10, 0, 0
Begin Wednesday: Add an extra 10 minutes exercise, check, no,
Begin Thursday: Add new exercise, yes - walked in the beach sand for 15 minutes (BIDIA)
Begin Friday: Plan a new low-cal meal

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Ok dumb question....I drink water all day long and don't keep track of it. Drink it when I need it and I am sure its always more than 8 glasses a day. Why is everyone trying to drink a crazy amount? I love water and its all I drink but I am not going to kill myself to drink my weight in water each day.
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Originally Posted by Hunny24 View Post
Ok dumb question....I drink water all day long and don't keep track of it. Drink it when I need it and I am sure its always more than 8 glasses a day. Why is everyone trying to drink a crazy amount? I love water and its all I drink but I am not going to kill myself to drink my weight in water each day.
I dont think you need to kill yourself to drink water, but there are lots of reasons to drink a lot. The first is that it helps you feel full; the second is that it actually does curb you appetite. There are studies that show that people mistake being hungry, when they are actually just thirsty. If your body usually gets most of its water from food, it learns to send the signal to you that it is hungry when it is really thirsty. Hydrating helps me keep the sodium weight down too which is just good for my mental well being and also takes care of that hand to mouth thing I seem to be addicted to. Maybe others can think of other reasons, but these work for me.
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I agree with you on the water Susan. It also just helps flush it all out!

My recap:
1,224 calories
102.5 carbs
Drank 1 gallon plus an extra 27 ounces
Lifted shoulders at the gym and did 30 minutes of the stair stepper

Off to bed! I get to eat 150 carbs tomorrow! Wa-hoo!!!
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i went a little off the line today .....

here goes my goals ...
1. Drink 2.5 litres of water . done !
2. should not eat after 8 pm . had it at 9pm
3. do 1 hour of cardio workout . did snowballing n played racquetball for an hr n half... was nt sweating but i had a gr8 time !
4. Cut down the 3 C's - Chocolate, Chips n Cookies.... 4 MG tortilla chips
5. Have my bowl of fruit salad .... check !
6. Meditate and Appreciate myself for what i am doing ....i m not able 2 meditate bcoz there s always ppl around me all de time here..... i m gonna try n meditate whn every1's asleep

i notice tat at tis point of the week ( comparing to last week) i slowly start deteriorating fm my goals ..... this week i m gonna keep m act 2gtr
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I just finished reading all of the posts! It sounds like everyone has been hanging in there. A lightbulb went off reading the posts about water. I just realized how little water I have been drinking! No wonder I have been so tired and so headachy!!!

I did very well with calories yesterday but I didn't get in any exercise My goals for today:

Drink at least 84 oz of water
Begin the P90X program
Staying within the 1200 to 1400 calorie range

I took my 10-year old daughter shopping for jeans and I felt so badly for her when nothing fit! While she is not by any means fat, she is getting a little thick around the middle! I vowed then and there that I was going to be a better role model for her and show her a healthy way of living. She is at such a vulnerable age so I don't want to give her any indication that she needs to worry about her weight. The best way to do that is to just get her involved with me in healthy eating and exercise.

I hope everyone has a goal achievement day!!! Stay strong for the weekend!!!
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Report Card

1. Keep calories to 1,500. 1,850 oy!, 1,675, 2,182 (had serious stress and dealt with it badly), 1,685 (planning paid off)
2. Exercise, 60 min elliptical, 15 stretching, 15 shoulder rehab. yes-yes-yes, yes-yes-no, no-no-no, no-yes-yes
3. Drink 96 oz of water. yes + 44, yes +16, yes, yes + 64
4. Finish up a couple of Halloween costumes for the kids. Still working on them, no, no, no
5. Clean the kitchen Nope, 1/2 way
6. Plan and pack some foods to take to the hospital so I don't end up eating junk from the vending machines. Did some, will do more today, done
7. Plan some crock pot meals and some casseroles to leave for the kids and in-laws to eat. Not yet, still working on it, I'll be whipping up beef stew tomorrow morning, no, no

Today's challenge: add an extra 10 minutes to your exercise routine. It could be anything, and you don't have to do it at the end of your exercise, just when you can fit it in. I may or may not be on-line the next 2-3 days, DH is having surgery, so here are some challenges for Th & F.

Thursday: Put a new exercise in your workout, maybe one you've never tried before. I'm thinking side planks with a hand weight, 10 on each side for me. I actually did yoga in 5-10 minute stretches while waiting and waiting and waiting at the hospital

Friday: Plan a low cal dinner and stick with it (even if you go out to eat, no make that especially if you go out to eat), which for most of us means "NO DRINKING"!!! This is going to be really hard for me, cause my MIL is coming tonight and will possibly still be at our house Friday night and I'm pretty certain that I'll be craving a little (or a lot) of alcohol. I'm going to pack myself a lunch and dinner before I head to the hospital this morning.

Thank you very much for all your kind words and prayers. DH's surgery went really well and the doctor said that he's 99% sure that everything is completely fixed and that except for the one spot that needed surgery his heart looks healthy and strong. Yay! Yesterday was very long, and he had a slight set back with his recovery, so I don't know if he'll be home today or sometime over the weekend. Either way, he looked and felt well enough that I came home to sleep, and no one called me during the night to come rushing back.

On a side note only my MIL came, FIL is really not in any kind of shape for that long drive or sitting around all day. He has spinal issues and is only comfortable lying down. And since FIL was at home, MIL only stayed until mid afternoon and then drove home to take care of him.

Saturday & Sunday challenge: Stick to the plan, no falling off the wagon this weekend.

Hunny, the reason we're all trying to drink lots of water is because most of us are in the habit of not drinking the recommended minimum. And when the body burns stored fat it gives off keytones (spelling?), and if you don't flush the keytones from your blood stream they will actually hang around in your body waiting for another opportunity to store fat. I'd just as soon not leave my body primed to store more fat. Another reason is that you need to replenish the water you lost to sweat during your workout and hydration also helps to flush salts from your system, thereby decreasing swelling and water retention. Maybe naturally you consume enough, but a fair share of us don't. And I know from past experience that I can't lose too much weight without drinking enough water. Just for kicks you might get yourself a water bottle with some sort of measurements on it, and track your intake for a day or two.

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Default Friday's here and it's my "weigh" day

Was out until late last night so I didn't get to post my goals and successes. I weigh on Friday's and was down two pounds for this week, so I am very happy. Thank you all so much for the help and support. Let's stay strong through the weekend. That's usually my downfall.
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