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i totally agree wid darlene !! whnever there s an urge overeat ... i think of the forum n how i need to share my routine wid u al.... it kinda stopped me fm doing it... the thread s truly motivating !!!!

Originally Posted by Darlean View Post
Today was a success!
This thread has been so very helpful. At times when I was tempted by others, I would just think "I can't let my fitday friends down."
Accountability has been key for me these past two days. Thank you everyone.

today's goals....

Calories at 1200 - did it
96 oz. water - did it
40 minutes weights - did it
Visualize my "healthy" self as often as possible - this is starting to be really fun
tomorrow's goals....

Calories at 1200
96 oz. water
4 miles on treadmill
Visualize my "healthy" self as often as possible
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Originally Posted by pottersirus View Post
@ susanbfit - thank u so much for ur reply... i like the way u take an effort to reply every post and encourage them.... its really boosting us up

as for my part - i dint overeat / stress eat today ..... i had a bowl of fruit salad with bean sprouts in it wid me thruout the day.... so whnever i felt like munching sumthng i had it .... also i had a pretty heavy lunch today , which helped in not craving for more in evening or nite ( my weak point).... a big glass of freshly squeezed carrot/tomato juice b4 my lunch ... n i mixed beans with rice today along wid sum cooked veggies.... the beans made me have less amount of rice...

also i m planning to brush my teeth n go to sleep early.... hopefully tis shud restrict me fm eating at nite...

Current Weight : 137 lbs
Highest weight :147 lbs
Goal :130 lbs by thanksgiving
Thank you pottersirus. The truth is, all of you have helped me kick start a healthy eating program. I have been trying for months and couldnt get motivated. I feel pretty inspired right now seeing everyone else's efforts. Do you have a juice machine? Your meals and snacks sound yummy AND healthy!
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Congrats on another good day Mamogirl, Commit7780 and Seminewbie -

I like the idea of using a crockpot to make healthyy meals. I haventt owned one in a long time. Time to go shopping. Does anyone have a low-cal crockpot book they can suggest?

I think the hardest thing for me is portion control during meals and then making it through the evenings. I often eat when I'm just sitting at the computer or tv. Tonight I'm going to try to just drink herbal tea and keep some veggies to snack on and see how that goes.

Have a great day everyone.
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@ susanbfit - ya... exactly... i find it hard to keep myself self-motivated all de time ... the forum really helps

i don ve a juicer .... i do it in my blender... its low power , so i grate the carrot b4 and chop the tomatoes finely b4 adding to blender.... then filter them thru a sieve n also squeeze the extra juice fm the filtrate.... i add a little honey 2 it at the end..... my mother says tat if had on daily basis then u get a glowing skin

for the eating part while in front of computer/ tv.... hw about trying sum homemade trail mix n a glass of coconut water ..... i make mine wid puffed rice , almonds , cranberries , peanuts, roasted corn kernels n yellow lentils ... its tasty n way healthier than a bag of chips...

n also hw about making sum fresh homemade dips for veggies..... i usually grind a bunch of cilantro leaves/ 1 green chilli pepper / ginger / garlic 2 gtr n add salt n a hint of lemon to it...... another dip i make by sauting whole lentils/salt/ paprika powder n thn grind them wid little water....

ps. i know tis s nt in context wid the forums title.... but hope it helps out ...
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Report card on the day:

1. Limit calories to 1,300-1,400, 1,475, 1769, 1833 Ugh calories are sometimes biggest my enemy!
2. Put in 1 hour of cardio, 15 minutes shoulder rehab, 15 minutes stretching, yes-no-no, 1/2 yes-yes-yes, YES-YES-YES
3. Drink 96 oz of water, check, check, check
4. Spend a few minutes planning out a healthy dinner, 1/2 check, check, check
5. Walk the children up to school check, check, check

Goals for tomorrow

1. Limit calories to 1,400 or die trying
2. Put in 1 hour of cardio, 15 minutes shoulder rehab, 15 minutes stretching
3. Drink 96 oz of water
4. Walk the children up to school
5. Make dinner in the crock pot
6. Clean this HOUSE with my headphones on "shake shake shake my booty
7. Deal with all those garden veggies, I swear the porch looks like a farmer's market.

Last edited by almeeker; 10-14-2010 at 05:48 PM. Reason: Had to update calories, found out these nice little ww rolls I've been eating have 150 calories EACH!!!
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You guys are awesome! Thank you for continuing to inspire me. Keep up the good work ladies!

Had another great day!
I ran my 3.5 miles. I'm hoping to run outside tomorrow because I get to sleep in! Wa-hoo!
My gallon of water has almost disappeared (within the next hour)
Stayed under 1270 calories...I came in at 1250. Giddy-up!

Have a great night everyone!!!
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We are awesome! You, me, we.
Today I relearned how much more food I can eat if I eat healthy food. No candy, no junk food. Just wholesome cooked from scratch food. It just doesnt make sense to be hungry at 1500 calories when you can fill full at 1200 if you eat right. Why do I have to keep relearning this?

Have a great night everyone!
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Well, so far the week has been good on the water and exercise front, but not as hot on the" no eating after 8 p.m." rule and keeping under my calories. I have been close on both, but not quite there.
1. Keep drinking that water-want to eventually grow up to drink like almeeker at 96 oz. a day
2. Watch those calories! It's the late night eating that puts them on.
3.Clean my bathrooms!
4.Positive thinking...I CAN lose this weight!!!

Have a great day ladies, and thanks susanbfit for keeping us going.
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yeah !! another day wid no overeating

i did get little tempted when my friend opend a big bag of tortilla chips ... but i satisfied myself wid a healthier cum spicy version of oats

sleeping earlier has been helping me fm keeping away fm late nite snacking....

i attended a zumba class today n twas sooo fun !!! certainly kept me sweating for an hour....
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I could not get the forum to load yesterday for some reason It sounds like everyone is doing well.

I have lost 2 lbs. since Tuesday! I have stayed at 1200 calories but still need to find the time to get all of my exercise in. I am going to take the kids and go to the YMCA this evening to do a spin class. I purchased the P90X last summer and may start it up again this weekend. It is an amazing program if you can stick with it. Very intense but is great when you are time crunched and need something to do at home. All you need are some dumbbells or resistance bands and a pull-up bar....and definitely a towel as you will sweat, sweat, sweat!!!

I bought some butternut squash soup and had it last night. Very filling and only 70 calories for a cup. It does have a lot of sodium, though. Went great with a grilled cheese made with 2% pepperjack and whole grain.

I hope everyone has a great day!!!
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