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Default Back to the Basics Week-Long Challenge

I'm still losing weight. I've lost 35lbs so far and am so close to being under 200 at...200lbs exactly.

However, I have noticed lately that I am wandering further and further from the very clean diet that began my transformation. I also haven't been working out AS hard or as many times a week at the gym.

So, here is a challenge to myself- cut out simple sugar all the way for the week. and work out all seven days- from Monday to Monday with no days off (but I can do different workouts etc if I need to heal).

Just for a week. Just to remind myself that I am in control.

Anyone want to join?
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I definitely want to join you....I have to start on Monday though (not because I am procrastinating) but because of a medication issue. But I am all for it. Make a weekly post for us to stay accountable. We can do it. I am also 5 lbs away from being 199. Getting past that 200 mark is an important milestone.

Great job on losing 35 lbs. so far that is a major accomplishment!
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Smile Great idea

Ill join in here too. I have also cut back on the super dieting that i did to achieve my weight loss last year. Since January i have only lost 9lbs because i became too settled at what i was, Im still 24lb away from goal though.
I basically bit by bit started to let back in the litttle things id cut from my diet but i can say that for the last 2 weeks im back on the straight and narrow.
Im still very happy though cos ive realised i should be proud that i didnt put any weight back on in the 6months i didnt diet and i managed not to go back to my old eating habits.
Anyway yes we can do it and i will reach my goal this year i am determined to reach my target before 2011!!

Starting weight- 234lb (16st 10lb)
Current weight- 169lb (12st 1lb)
Goal weight - for now somewhere between 140lb-145lb ( 10st-10st 5lb) and then i will see if i want to lose anymore.

Good Luck to all who join in!!!!!
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I'm in.
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im in too, but from Monday, can not let hubby have all of the father's day cake by himself??
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I'm in too. I'm starting right now and I hope I can make it through next Sunday night...I'm not too worried about Monday through Friday afternoon. The real challenge is Friday night through Sunday nite which is a girls weekend on Long Island.

We can write daily in here or another thread to keep us in tip top shape with our goal this week.

Thanks Nessa!
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OH I NEED THIS! I was just thinking about how I've abandoned some of my best habits lately...

1. Workout all 7 days.
2. Get 150 ounces of water in.
3. Log every morsel that enters my mouth.
4. Connect with Fitday every day.
5. Do my FULL workout - all 90 minutes!
6. Remember all my vitamins.
7. NO ALCOHOL (all my friends are leaving town for San Francisco next weekend, and we're keeping all the kids, so this should be pretty easy - Mamma stuff, not grown-up stuff).
8. Love myself.
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Okay it's Monday morning and I'm on track. Did the workout, have already sucked down 48 oz of water and I'm now planning a 350 calorie lunch. Gotta go, the vacuum somehow or another refuses to push itself.
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Hi, I would like to join in.

I'm 17 lbs over my goal weight.

I am a runner and incurred an injury 3 weeks ago in a half marathon. At the moment I am not allowed to exercise other than swimming and bicycling (which I don't have) as instructed by my physio-therapist.

I admit that I was using the injury card as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted.

Today, Monday, June 21, 2010 I am back on my healthiness journey and I was really pleased to fall upon this forum.

My plan is clean eating and drinking 8-10 cups of water each day.

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I'm in too! I definitely need a challenge like this to get me motivated and back on track! Good luck to us all :-)
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