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so far so good, been drinking water, and have scheduled my exercise for the evening, and it's set in stone, not going to change, no matter what!
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Angry Not coping very well!!

Through the day im doing really good as i usually do and then the kids go to bed and my evening tv munchies start!!!!
Its driving me mad i just keep undoing the hard work. Trying to resist but its proving really difficult for me! Id be ok if i was upstairs but im waiting for Big Brother in an hour so im right next to the kitchen.
Its not unhealthy stuff its just food that i dont need to eat.
Im going to succeed i just need to find some ways i can distract myself. Im saying over and over that i can do it and im picturing the end result of a better body without the wobbly arms,legs and tummy.
Why is that that only after 8pm does my brain be constantly thinking of food???

Starting weight-234lb
Curent weight-169lb
Goal weight-140-145lb
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Default Great Idea!

I have been sort of watching what I eat but have strayed from maintaining my food log for more than a few days and have eye-balled my portions rather than actually measuring them. I think I have done okay with all of that in that I have not gained anything. Still I would like to see if I can get off a couple of pounds before the 4th of July camping trip.

Weekends are my challenge but really if I just stick to it this week, this one upcoming weekend and next week, I should be in good shape for the holiday weekend. It's only one weekend - I can do it!! Btw, exercise isn't an issue it's the burgers and beers on Friday and/or Saturday. I love Summer but it's not the best thing for my waistline!
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Default Day 1

It's day one- about 6:30pm and I'm right on track. I did have a small light frapp. at starbucks today, so that was my 125 cal splurge of the day.

I walk/jogged 5k in 36:30 minutes today- much better than the 43 minutes when I first started out- but I will be so happy when I can jog the ENTIRE time. Although, I did run for about 10 minutes straight.

I already feel a bit thinner than yesterday.

I just feel so much better when my apartment is clean and I'm not shoveling junk down my throat and actually getting up and moving! Not just physically, but it also does wonders for my self-esteem.
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I know what you mean about being happier now that you've been taking care of yourself. I use to be so miserable and cranky and grouchy. Since I've been eating right and exercising I'm now happy and bubbly and everyone in the house is happy. It's a life style change that has made me more productive. That's why I refuse to go back to the old me. I'm also starting to rub off on my mother and grandmother. They are now determined to lose weight as well. My grandmother is joining a gym this week. Go granny!!
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Check In! The days that appear next to the goal are the days I have completed that goal.


1. Workout all 7 days. Monday
2. Get 150 ounces of water in. Monday
3. Log every morsel that enters my mouth. Monday!
4. Connect with Fitday every day. Monday
5. Do my FULL workout - all 90 minutes! Only 60 Mins
6. Remember all my vitamins.Monday
7. NO ALCOHOL (all my friends are leaving town for San Francisco next weekend, and we're keeping all the kids, so this should be pretty easy - Mamma stuff, not grown-up stuff). Monday
8. Love myself. Monday
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Yesterday went really well for me.

I drank all my water and then some.
I kept my calories under 1,600, I was hoping to keep them lower, but after the second workout I really needed something to eat.
I worked out in the morning and again in the evening, really pushing myself.
Finished the day with a good pie chart 42% carbs, 40% protein and 18% fat.

Today is starting off a little slow. I was awake 1/2 the night with a thunder storm and I hurt all over from the 2nd workout. But I'm going to get in a shorter than usual workout this morning and a walk tonight.
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Yesterday I started off doing great, until I got home! I was hungry and dinner was going to be late so I ate a whole wheat dinner roll and then proceeded to eat not 3, not 4.....5 spelt crisp breads. I didn't even look at the calories.

I know it could of been worse and my choices were not totally unhealthy or laden with sugar.

I had physio yesterday and had a set back and some pain so I didn't swim.

On a positive note I did exceed my water for the day and I was back on track with dinner.

Today is a new day and in stead of dwelling on yesterday I will move forward and strive to make healthy choices.

Enjoy the day everyone!
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ok, it's Tuesday morning, was really good, with food and exercise and this is going to be another good day too, have everything planned for the day already! funny thing, yesterday, since i knew i'll be more strict food wise, i was craving sweets like CRAZY!!!!!!! but didn't let the craving take control.
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Well, Monday went really well for me. To be honest it was not something I wanted to do but I just made up my mind that because I didn't want to meant that I had to all that much more. Did W1D1 of the C25K and went the full 3 miles plus 1/4 mile more walking.

I was proud of myself.

I ate well and logged all my calories. I need to work on drinking more water. I love it but it seems like I manage to let it get away from me.

Good job everyone. Here is to Tuesday!
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