Gym Troubles

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Default Gym Troubles

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could possibly guide me in the right direction as to WHAT I should be doing at the gym.

I've been going to the gym for just under a month now, (6 times a month, all I have time for) 2 times one week, 1 time the next, then 2, etc.

At the moment, I'm basically doing what free weights I have picked up from magezines, and then throwing in some ecliptical work (10 minutes) and biking (10 minutes) as I believe I dont want to burn muscle I want to burn fat.. or something like that!

Anyways, the gym has every piece of equipment possible, and i'm thinking about getting a one-time personal trainer to see what I need to do in what order, but thought I would see if you guys had any ideas first!

My diet is in really good shape at the moment, i'm maintaining a 1500-2000 calorie intake, and have lost 15 pounds in the last month and a bit. (204lb's now!)

i'm 6'3 so my weight isn't too far from my goal, my goal is 180lbs, but I want to get there and I suppose look "ripped" rather than just a small version of myself. I am worrying though that I am going about this all wrong!

I'll tell you what I do when I go to the gym.

Step 1:- Bike to warm up
Step 2:- Free weights (curls, lifts, presses)
step 3:- Squats
Step 4:- I grab 100lb's and start in squat posistion, stand, do a curl, then lift above my head (I saw this on biggest loser.. no idea if it works, but takes a lot of energy to do!)
step 5:- Go onto Ecliptical for 10 mins
Step6:- head to the weight equipment and really just mess around on random ones until I'm tired
Step 7:- go home :P

I have just over an hour to work out, due to my kids only being allowed that amount of time in the day-care at my gym.

As you can see i'm rather confused hehe, any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you!
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Well, I can tell you from personal experience, the one-on-one session is worth it. I'm not allowed free weights due to joint troubles, but my one-hour routine goes like this:

5 min treadmill warm-up
5 min stretching (whole body, I follow the chart on the wall)
20 min circuit training: arm curls, that pull-down thing for your back/shoulders, ab machine, chest press.
30 min arc trainer, which is very similar to an elliptical

The personal trainer will tell you which weights, how heavy, how many reps, and in what order; and that will keep you from wasting time. Just make sure you get a good trainer lol.
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Yah, my only problem is I dont really feel comfortable with any of the trainers at my local gym (I use the y) had a hell of a time just signing up with them, it took three people just to get my wife and I signed up.

We have the lady, who is very nice, but isn't very confident and is almost like a shy mouse, I want someone who is going to push me you know?

Then we have this HUGE guy, and I mean huge, but he is how we english would refer tim nice but dim, lovely fella but again not what I would consider a good personal trainer (nothing against him, just not good for me )

then the third guy has the personality of, "I know more than you so therefor you are beneath me), this was the guy who did our orientation to the gym, who walked us into the gym, pointed at the machines and saying there was sign up charts on the walls, and pointed to the back of the room where the weights were saying, "there are the weights" and then walking back to the desk where he sat down and took his iphone out...

Yes, i'm not impressed with him at all lol!

I saw one really great personal trainer last time I was at the gym, he was coaching some gentleman and pushing him pretty hard, but in a nice way. I would like him haha, didn't want to interupt his session though to ask questions, after all the man was paying for his help, not me talking to him!

I think I might just bite the bullet and get one of the trainers they offer, at least just so I can understand what I should be doing and how!

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You don't have to use one of their trainers. You can find a trainer who will meet you at your gym and just do it that way. I would not suggest just settling for a trainer, find one you want!
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I would say you are on the right track with the free weights (squats, lifts, presses.) I would grab a copy of "New Rules of Lifting" by Lou Schuler from the library or bookstore (it's in paperback) - lots of good, compact workouts that can be done in two one hour sessions twice a week. A trainer could help you make sure you are using proper form and won't hurt yourself, and recommend exercises for your level of fitness.
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Default Change your gym!

If you can, you should change your gym - they sound pretty awful to me.

There is plenty of stuff on the web - in fact the place I have found most useful is youtube. There are hundreds of videos of different workout routines etc. Search for the effect you want to achieve "ripped" and see what works for that, then search on youtube for those kinds of excercises, it should help. For example if you want to do core strength and abs, you might find excercises such as "the plank" or "stability ball rollout" - searching for these on youtube can give several examples of these in action.

Be careful though not to take on anything without first being confident of performing the excercise without injuring yourself.
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The Gym itself is an ok place to work out, its quiet and everyone there are polite and nice (the members), but the staff just isn't what I would consider Ymca usual staff, in the past anyone who worked for the Y was always super hyper and super nice, but I try not to let the staff effect my workout, after all its up to me to be happy not the staff haha!

I will check out youtube, thats actually a really good idea to get a routine going!!

I was struggling around 207-209 for about 3 weeks, untill I started to drink this new shake that Dr Oz suggested (my wife buys his magezines) and whether its just my mind tricking me into thinking i'm full/more energetic which is whats making me lose weight again, or maybe the smoothie is working, but i've lost 3 lbs the last week so far on this little thing, its great! Anyone else tried this thing yet? )
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Default Recommendation

Here's what I recommend if you can get into the gym two days a week.
Day 1:
-Warm-up with abs instead of bike. This is a great way to get in a quick ab workout and get the blood flowing too.
-Upper Body lifts and presses concentrating on your chest and back. When you have limited time in the weight room focusing on your chest and back will work those areas in addition to giving you a solid arm workout. Chest typically works your triceps and shoulders secondarily, and back does your biceps pretty well. This is all if you don't have much time.
-Finish up with 20 minutes of cardio, any kind you choose.

Day 2:
-Again warm-up with abs
-Lower body, meaning your quads, hamstrings, and calves for the most part.
-20 minutes of cardio, but be careful because your legs will obviously be fatigued after devoting an entire workout to them.

try it out if you can, if you'd like I can suggest a full-body workout if you really can't consistently get in the gym twice a week
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Due to my wifes and I's work routine, having 4 kids we are only able to get to the gym twice a week every second week, but I could do some at home as I have a weight bench + weights at home, just no cardio equipment.
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I am not an expert but I have found lots of good information on There is a posting in the forums addressing creating a beginner program. From the site go to the Forums, Workout Programs, and the Sticky:Why nobody is critiquing your workout(READ THIS before making a beginner program) by JUSA. There are multiple links in the first post depending on your goals. There is so much information on the site (both exercise and nutrition) if you are willing to invest the time to look for it. That is where I found out about Good luck on your journey!!
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