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Maybe you should check out "Turbulence Training"(.com). I've been using this program for a couple months and I think it's pretty good. I (like you) don't have a lot of time for the gym, but with these programs- you don't even need to go to the gym. A lot of simplified routines ranging from body weight workouts to workout requiring nothing more than a simple set of dumbells and an excercise ball. Much cheaper than a personal trainer. Good Luck!
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Hey Lysady,

Sounds like you pretty new to lifting so start slow. This is a long journey and not a quick fix. The first thing I would recommend is to learn the proper way to lift. It sounds like the trainers at your gym probably would not be as helpful as one might hope so I recommend the book “Starting Strength” by Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore (they also have a great wiki page). These guys know what they are talking about. Master the 5 or so excises they recommend.

Do you only have time to workout 1-2 times per week or only have time to go to the gym 1-2 times? Either way my advice is lift heavy (again after learning how to lift) 1 time per week and do high intensity work 1-2x per week.

Again start slow – heavy and high intensity are both relative terms.

I am not a believer in cardio more than 20 minutes, or at least consistently more than 20 minutes. There are some great workouts (bodyweight etc) that you can do in 20 minutes or less (look up “tabata”).

Pushups, dips, pull-ups, body weight squats, sprints (highly recommend), throwing my child in the air are all exercises that do wonders and can be done at home and involve family. For example do as many pushups, sit-ups and squats that you can in 10 minutes. Add and subtract exercises, duration and resistance (weight) each week. Variation is key.

Quality (eating and exercise) is more important than quantity.

Hope this helps.
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Hi Pb

You are right, I can only make it to the gym 6 times in a month due to work. I can try and squeeze in some workout time at home, but it would be very brief due to my daughter sleeping in the basement, and others up stairs.

But I think I will set myself a goal of X <exercise move> per day and start with that, mixed with my gym routine.

My nutrition is actually pretty good, its why i'm losing weight steadily, and yes I understand that it takes time, I try not to think "I want it now" hehe
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Sounds good. If you can get in 2-3 good workouts per week you are doing great. Good does not mean long. I have had 10 minute workouts that have been tough. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by sdh1230528 View Post
I would say you are on the right track with the free weights (squats, lifts, presses.) I would grab a copy of "New Rules of Lifting" by Lou Schuler from the library or bookstore (it's in paperback) - lots of good, compact workouts that can be done in two one hour sessions twice a week. A trainer could help you make sure you are using proper form and won't hurt yourself, and recommend exercises for your level of fitness.
This is headed in the right direction as compound lifts are where you want to be. Avoid the trainers like the plague because the vast majority are not very well informed. There is a workout plan by Jim Wendler called the 5-3-1. You can do it 2, 3 or 4 days a week. Search online for the "e-book". It is VERY simple, short, intense, and is compound lifts. If you can only workout twice a week it would look like this:

A) Squats, Bench press

B) Deadlift and standing overhead press (standing military press AKA)

Then you fit in some sprints or other intense cardio throughout the week. It's simple, straight forward and you don't live in the gym. If you can afford to buy a basic olympic gym set you can do this at home and save the gym membership and gas.
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Hi all,

Thanks for your help again, its much appreciated, after doing some re-search on my own and figuring out what direction I was heading in, I've finally started to make improvements, down 5lb's already, bordering on 200lb's now, so 20 go to my goal weight!

I was going to just bite the bullet and get a trainer from the gym, but the only guy at the desk on the day was a 300lb man which i'm sure wasn't a trainer, but it just totally put me off lol..

Anyways! I've got out of my head this whole, lose weight build muscle stuff! I am focusing on muscle building, since i'm not out-of-proportion, and I figure the way i'm eating healthy now, and regular exercise its evident enough weight loss comes naturally, allowing me to fully focus on the weights!

Again, thanks for putting me in the right direction guys!
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Check out isometrics on you tube. Nothing better than to get the kids into it too... some healthy competition..and no gym fees. Plus you get to spend time with them and role model healthy living.

Originally Posted by Lysady View Post
Due to my wifes and I's work routine, having 4 kids we are only able to get to the gym twice a week every second week, but I could do some at home as I have a weight bench + weights at home, just no cardio equipment.
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My gym is the Y. The machines have the instructions right on them. They have cardboard forms that you can file away and use to keep track of your reps on each machine (and the date, and whether you used a bike or stairmaster). It has never required a personal trainer.

By the time I have completed the machines, I feel like I've done a lot - and I just go on and do something like the bike. No personal trainer for this really basic stuff.

Can get a little boring - I bring a good book to read while I'm on the stationary bike. But they have TVs too, for the non-readers.
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Strange... I've never met a man named Kathy.
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