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Default Second day

Hello everybody my name is Randy and I am 21, 248lbs and 6'4, I was an All-County Defensive Tackle in highschool, never the leanest guy but have always been pretty big. I had to get reconstruction surgery done on my knee 2 years ago and it has pretty much gone down hill ever since. Recently i've gotten calls from some semi pro football teams and i'd love to join them summer of 2011. I want to be in the best shape of my life and I am very confident I will be I just really need to lose this extra tractor tire around my gut. I have some questions about this fit day thing... everyone for a long long time has been telling me to eat ONLY 1,500 calories a day thats it.. this tell me to eat 2,900, thats hard, I did it yesterday and I found myself loooking for food to eat, there wasn't enough and I found myself being full and thinking "wow I have 2 hours till bed and still 500 calories to eat". When I eat do I eat just meat, veggies, fruit or can I eat junk food too, that just doesnt seem right... I would also like to know the percentages to eat (the pie chart)..

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing the feedback

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Well, I'm not sure there's a simple answer to your question. 1,500 calories is right for me, but I'm a 5'-2" female and twice your age. Fitday is a tool, not an answer key, you have to use fitday to figure out the right answers for your body. Probably what you need to do is to track what you eat (without dieting) for a couple of days. That will tell you which meals the bulk of your calories come from, and what type of calories they are. Once you get that baseline you can make adjustments from there. Probably what you're going to find is that too many of your calories come from carbs, and not enough come from protein. That seems to be the prevailing trend here.

I too had reconstruction surgery on my knee, what a pain in the butt that was. Anyway my knee is currently in the best shape it's been in since the surgery in 1987. It's responding really well to the elliptical and the stationary bike. Hurt like a son of a gun the first month after I started the daily workouts, but now it's good as new unless there's a high pressure system moving in. I'm pretty much a walking barometer.

The right percentage of what types of food you should eat vary, body builders do one thing, low carbers do another and athletes do something completely different, usually based on their percent body fat and the sport. You might try a search of the Men's Only corner and maybe pin down a few things to try out. And you know as well as anyone that junk food is never the answer, thy body is a temple blah blah blah.
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Thanks alot for the feedback, you've been a big help, and I know what you mean about the walking barometre lol. thank you andgood luck with everything
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Hi Randy,

FitDay is great for tracking calories, nutrition, and activity levels; I don't find it as impressive for figuring out how much and what you should be eating. Everyone's got a different maintenance level for calories, it has to do not only with current body weight but also genetics to a degree (in other words, your specific body chemistry), as well as the foods your body is used to.

As an example, I'm a dude, 24, 165lbs, and 6' and I eat between 1500 and 2200 calories on any given day without gaining. If I get more than 2200 for several consecutive days I either bulk if I've been good with exercising, else I become a tub of lard. I've also been eating real food on the lower carb side (not real low carb by any measure though), so that's what my body has gotten used to. If I were to start eating lots of bread and pasta now, I'd get really sick (speaking from experience).

FitDay tells me that I "burn" about 2800 calories, but that's just a ballpark measure. It's impossible to know the exact number. Plus, this isn't even indicative of how much TO eat, just how much I'm "burning." The numbers I wrote about above I figured out through trial and error, so you might have to do the same for a couple of weeks, as well as figure out the nutrient ratios that are right for you.

Hope this helps, and good luck to you!

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Default How many calories?


The number of calories you eat depends what you want.

If you want to lose 20 pounds in 10 weeks you can eat 2203 calories. If you want to lose 30 pounds in 10 weeks you can eat 1632 calories. This is based on your weight, height and age. It is also based on 4000 calories saved = 1 pound lost.

I have built a spreadsheet that I use to track calories, fat%, weight and fat/muscle analysis and a few other things. It works for me to track my exercise and what I eat. Not sure if you can/should share email addresses here, but if you want a copy let me know.
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