I've lost 96 pounds so far thanks to FitDay.

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Originally Posted by mfagerstrom
I've been overweight almost all of my life. My parents were overweight. I ate what they ate. I learned their poor habits and led the same sedentary life they did.

I would "try" to lose weight in the past, but I didn't take the time to learn what I was doing. I would just buy food that was labeled "low fat" and think I was doing good. Even that wouldn't last long.

This past May, my weight had finally got to the point where it was affecting me in a noticeable physical way. I weighed a whopping 335 pounds. I had been dealing with heartburn for about 2 years. I had felt chest pains (that I ignored like an idiot) a few times. When I walked, I often had a burning pain in my calves with each step I took. It was horrible.

After all of that, I finally had the motivation needed to do something serious about my health. I did a lot of reading online and started to eat a bit better starting in the middle of May. By June, I had discovered FitDay via a blog post I found through a Google search. Since the beginning of June, I have tracked my food and exercise with FitDay every single day.

FitDay helped me to see just how bad my eating habits where. I learned that meals I once considered to be "healthy" were actually loaded with calories. By just changing my eating habits and setting up a calorie restriction, my weight started dropping.

Now it's March 2010. I've been eating healthy for over nine months now. I've gone from 335 pounds in May '09 to 225 pounds today. I haven't had heartburn since I dipped below 300 pounds. No more chest pains. My legs? Well I started running in January, and now I go out for 5-6 mile runs almost every other day. Looking forward to my first 5k race next month.

In case anyone is curious what I eat... I use the PC version of FitDay and I haven't signed up for a premium account so I can't share my logs directly. I do share my foods on my blog, though. I added the link in my signature. I started following the TNT Diet about six weeks ago, and it helped me to break a two month weight loss plateau.

I still have more to lose, but I'm healthier and happier than I've been in years. Thanks FitDay.

You look amazing - much younger!!! Well done
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I thought I'd throw up a new picture... my weight hasn't gone down since March, but my fitness level has gone up.

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Love this pictures! I too love Fitday. Keeps me honest.
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Wow. That is AMAZING. Congratulations to you and your weight loss!! I am just getting started on my weight loss journey, so I've been looking everywhere for tips and ideas. Yours is one of pure motivation!
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wow bro great job man and ive lost 65 pounds of fat i know you gotta be proud of yourself cause i am with 65 pounds from 220 to 155 is offline  
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Your pics are amazing and I really hope to use this program to provide me with the same type of feedback to help me with my self control in eating and excercising... Great job!
Thank you for sharing your journey.
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You look SO great! good job fighting the family weight gain! You are an inspriation to us on here as well as your family!!
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Default what about plateaus?

First, let me just say that i just started out at 300lbs(6') and you give me substantial hope. real results are certainly reason to keep going. you the man

I'm curious about what plateaus you experienced. Can you give details on how frequent, how long they lasted and how you broke them?

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Default 42 pounds to lose

This thread has been a great motivation for me. I am an Asian lady so I should be weighing a lot less due to a lesser body mass. I am 4 ft 9 and my start off weight is 142lbs a week ago

For the past few years I have been trying various diets and exercises to lose weight but I never had motivation to stick with them. I once lost 28lbs but I took a year to achieve that by controlling the food quantity and running 4.5K each day.

I started my weight loss journey again a week ago and I lost 2 pounds. I guess it is a great start. I read that we should not be losing more than 2 pounds per week? I am lazy and hate making my way to the gym, so what I did during the week: climbing 14 flights of stairs 2 times a day + 9 flights of stairs once a day and gradually I put 2 dumb bells in my bag. In total, I guess my bag weighs about 6 pounds and I carry it whenever I climb the stairs.

For food wise, I cut my portion of food down to 2/3 of what I eat and slowly I'm trying to cut my portion to half. Initially, trying to eat healthy food was really a challenge. As an asian, I love rice but eating too much rice and not burning the carbs off make me fat. On top of that, the meat and veggies are usually cooked with lots of oil. I started off eating exactly what I eat normally but a lesser portion, and then one day, I felt my body slowly rejecting the oily food that I usually eat. Right now, I am able to eat healthily, subway is one of the most convenient and healthy food over here. I go with no sauce or sweet onion sauce and usually I order a wrap (I avoid bacon usually) and will always tell myself to leave some food on the table.

I will be doing a weigh-in on every Thursday. I hope the 2 pounds/ week will be consistent!

I believe everyone can do it good luck guys and remember every bit of effort counts!

Initial Weight: 142lbs
Weight loss: 2 lbs (6 days of weight loss journey)
Current Weight: 140lbs
Goal by June 2011: 110lbs
Goal by Sep 2011: 100lbs
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Just checking in on you. I haven't seen you in a while and your blog is down. Making sure everything is going okay and that you haven't fallen off the wagon! Give us an update or shoot me a pm!
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