I've lost 96 pounds so far thanks to FitDay.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! You look great! Good job!
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Default wow

You look awesome!! Great job! YOu must feel awesome too! I love hearing inspirational stories because it helps me stay on track. Although lately Ive slipped. But this time around, I know that this is a permanent lifestyle change. In past times, I "dieted" and weight always came back on. And I was at my heaviest last summer (210 I'm 5'7) after I had my twins!! I lost 32 pounds, and gained 22 back after the holidays!! Yikes!! To give myself credit it did take 3 months. But that's still awful!! So I knew, I had failed again. ANd this time, is different. It's about a lifestlye change. Ive since lost 15 pounds. I want to also mention something that I find so annoying. I hate when other people around you have to insist that u eat like 5 times!! Really?? Very few people encourage u!! They either want to see u fail, or they just dont understand and think they are being nice by insisting 1000 times that u eat a cookie or a piece of cake, or oh its easter its ok to cheat!! I HATE that!!! My husband sometimes literally will shove a piece of food in my mouth!! How awful is that? He's skinny, so he's never had a weight issue. No one encourages people who stop smoking to spark up a cigarette?? (I have quit smoking--11/2 years smoke free!!) Or shove a beer in someones face who is a recovering alcoholic??? It just sucks!!
Anyway, it's awesome that u were able to lose that much and i know youve dealt with people like that. ALso, running so much is also awesome.
My father ran marathons when I was younger and we lived in Germany. He ran the Berlin and ROme marathons and a few others, but never got a chance to run Boston. Funny cause we live like an hour away!!
He did it at first to be healthy (he stopped smoking after 25 years of two packs a day!!) and then got addicted! But he has since had two knee surgeries and is 65.
I wish i could run, but its not in the cards for me. I have ankylosing spondylitis (autoimmune arthritis) so I have to be careful with the type of exercise I do. (I have already injured myself playing tennis, and lifting my very heavy babies! lol) It just sucks cause im a very stubborn person and always do to much, and end up hurting myself.
Ok so I just wrote a novel but this really does help me out and I appreciate u sharing your story with all of us!!
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Thanks a lot for the kind words folks, I appreciate them.

Today was my first 5k race... something I would never have dreamed of doing a year ago. I did pretty decently, 32:42. I had hoped for a bit lower time, but I'm not complaining. I'll just have to keep training for my next race and meet my goal then.

To all those who've said that my post has helped to inspire them - I'm glad! If I can do it, you can. Best of luck on your own 'journeys'!

Dodge the Deer 5k in Castleton, NY - April 17, 2010
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congrats on the 5K bro!!!!
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You look great! Congrats on everything you have achieved so far!

Best wishes,
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Thank you for sharing. It is fun to see you "youthen-ing" in the pics!
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Hi all. I just joined yesterday and this is the first day of my weight loss journey. Actually, this is the first forum I've been on too...congrats on the success, you look great. After having 3 kids in 5 years, I've got some serious baby weight to get rid of - 120lbs worth. Reading success stories like yours is a big inspiration, and a great motivator to "stick with it". Keep up the awesome work, and I hope I can post my own success story on here soon.
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What a wonderful success story! I found your link to this thread in another post you made -- and I'm so happy I read it. =)

You have accomplished some wonderful things and definitely are an inspiration! Keep up the great lifestyle... someday I hope to run a 5k too!

Best always,
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First= Congratulations (well done,you should be proud !)
Second=Thank YOU... Posts like this encourage us all to persevere...
Stay Well
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Thanks guys.

I haven't updated this thread in a while, as I haven't had much progress since April. I relaxed my diet for a while but had stepped up my exercise, so I didn't gain much weight... about 10 pounds over 4 months. (That and I haven't used FitDay in six months now, I've switched to LoseIt on my iPod Touch since it can go with me everywhere).

About three weeks ago I started getting really serious about losing more weight, and things have been going well so far. I've lost that 10 pounds and I'm just about ready to set a new low weight... should happen this week.

To all of you who say that I'm inspiring you - I'm both humbled and glad. I look forward to seeing your own success stories in the future. You can do it!


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