fruit...good or bad?

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above 40 ages they need to eat fruit
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Hey, fruits are good or bad for weight loss is the technically wrong statement. Practically, you have to choose proper fruit and proper timing. It may sound funny but timing is very important for example if you consume fruit in the early morning or an hour before your meal it will be helpful in your case but having fruits right after your meal will affect your metabolism. Also with the nutritional facts, you have to consider the sugar level of fruits too.
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Default fruit...good or bad?

Fruit Good or Bad for Your Health? Here is the truth

Every person in the world knows that fruits are very essential for our health. Most people call them ”Nature’s food.

We also know that fruits are relatively high in sugar as we compare them to other foods. High sugar fruits contain (fructose and sucrose). Few people might think that some fruits are not good for our health because of high fructose. But fructose is only harmful in large amounts.

On the other hand, fruits are also very good for our health. Fruits like Apple contain vitamins, minerals, and fibers but it contains a time to eat and digest. It defeats the weakness in our body, and people who are weak with fever or dengue most like to eat apples.

Just like that, all the fruits contain nutrients, fibers, protein, and vitamins which are very good for our health and make us feel healthy and fit.
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Hello. Everything is good in limit.
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All fruits are good in their own way and useful in their own way.
It all depends on your taste and whether you are watching calories or not.
There are just some that are healthier and more nutritious like banana and some that are less caloric and nutritious like watermelon.
It's up to you)
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I believe that our organisms are very wise. And they want what the are really need. It is explained by evolution. So don't listen to anyone. Feel yourself.
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fruits are very important for living healthy banana,apple gives full nutrition to our body
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Fruits are very good and important for health. Fruits are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, and they are high in fiber.
Healthiest fruit -
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What makes you think that fruits can ever be bad for your health? Forget whatever it is and start taking a mix of fruits every day in your diet to stay healthy.
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Fruit is very healthy
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