fruit...good or bad?

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I stay away from fruit on low-carb but if I do allow them, I only eat them in the morning and I only choose berries. Morning, because they do contain carbs in the way of naturally occurring sugars. This way I'll burn off the carbs throughout the day. Only berries because they have high nutrient and anti-oxidant qualities. Apples are good too. Until I'm at goal weight I don't allow fruit to pass my lips. I eat a ton of veggies and likely get what I need through them. Zero sugar really produces results! I agree with folks who say fruit is healthy, and I agree with folks who say "only in moderation".
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That's weird, cause what I know about fruits is that they are really healthy and most of them are added to weight loss diet plans by specialists, so how come could they contradict with weight loss?! I've even read an article which consisted of dozens of fruits that are weight loss friendly. Maybe some fruits are a little bit higher on sugars than others but still, their healthy side is much more efficient than their unhealthy one. For example, nutrition specialists' advice to bodybuilders is to eat bananas as they're rich in potassium which helps in the muscle recovery.
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Originally Posted by CoreyB3 View Post
which fruits are the best and which ones should I avoid?
Usually go with whatever's in season and avoiding ones that have to be flown long distances (ie if you can pick blackberries in your backyard or in a park nearby, they'll be tastier (and likely less costly) than passionfruit, say. Better any fruit though, than those high fat/carby foods I crave sometimes.
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Default Everything in moderation

Hello yes I believe fruit is good but I also believe too much of anything isnít good for you. I feel that if itís eatey In moderation you will benefit greatly from eating these great treats while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
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I don't think so fruits are bad. These are loaded with plenty of nutrients. There are some amazing health benefits of antioxidant foods: these foods can over come aging effects and boost your eternal beauty.

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I think it depends on how your body responds to any particular fruits. In general, fruits are always good for the health. Rich in vitamin, antioxidants, Rich in the goodness of anti-ageing effect, weight loss property and many other amazing health benefits, fruits have always been good and nutritious for a healthy life. Most of the natural supplements offered today are prepared using at least one fruit that keeps the body fit.
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Fruits are definitely good for health. Even if you gain weight because of them (but you really do need a proof of that), you still can choose the ones which are low-carb (watermelon, strawberries, peaches...). Anyway if you can't do it, reducing quantity can be an option. But honestly, there are so many other foods which are much more toxic for health... Keep eating fruits !
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As with all types of food, moderation is key. Fruits are generally healthy foods but if you are trying to get pretty granular in your diet and need to cut out some sugars then I probably wouldn't add a lot of fruits. Even then, there are a lot of nutrients found in different fruits that it shouldn't be a problem fitting them in most diets.
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It does not matter that eating fruits can make your path harder for losing weight. Yeah, but proper diet plan is essential.
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good for health
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