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Fitday also takes the date you enter for reaching your goal. If you move your goal date up it'll give you more calories, if you push it back it restricts calories.
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I have my baseline as seated, some movement. I add in sleep, workouts, walks, and working hours as my job is very active but I only do it 3 days a week. Fitday will adjust your calories up for activity, down for sleep. Or in the case of the poster above who is less active at work, if she were to set her level to moderately active, then log time sitting at work, that would adjust her calories down on a work day. (Take good care of my husband Ms. dispatch, he's a sheriff's deputy )
One other piece of advice on this subject: If you are accurate in tracking your calories, you can use that as your "Baseline" calorie intake. Just track what you eat for 2 weeks to get a good average. If you aren't losing weight, eat 10% less. Recheck your weight in 2 weeks and keep adjusting accordingly. With this method you don't have to track how many calories you burn. It's the method I use for owners whose pets need to lose weight because there are so many variables-activity level, breed/size of animal, and also calorie information is not listed on pet food packages.
If I keep starting over, eventually it will stick, right?

Starting weight:182
Current weight: 140
Goal weight: 135
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