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avelina 04-14-2010 06:00 PM

Couch to 5K
I've (re-) started this program found at Cool Running :: The Couch-to-5K Running Plan Yesterday I completed day 1 of week 1. Would anyone consider starting up and being a running buddy?

skypilot77 04-15-2010 11:41 AM

Originally Posted by avelina (Post 8465)
I've (re-) started this program found at Cool Running :: The Couch-to-5K Running Plan Yesterday I completed day 1 of week 1. Would anyone consider starting up and being a running buddy?

Cool Running is a great site. And the C25K program seems to be real good. I read about a lot of success on their message board with this program. I do not know if you have gone to their message board but you will find lots of people there looking to get involved in the C25K program.

Oh yah -- Go Moose!

mtlgirl 04-15-2010 12:47 PM

Me too!
Wow! What a coincidence I just started this program on Tuesday and today I completed day 2 of week 1. I'll be your running buddy!

I just have to warn you though, I may take longer to complete this program because I gained 20 pounds over the past year (it was a tough year) and I now weigh 197 and am only 5'3". I haven't exercised at all for months so I am not in the best shape right now. Generally I have always been in pretty good shape even overweight because I am an avid walker and go to the gym on and off but I am totally determined to reach that 5k goal! It feels amazing to do this in the morning. Today the sun is shining and I feel really good! :)

avelina 04-15-2010 02:36 PM

Reply to mtlgirl
Don't worry about it taking longer. I'll still continue on but at least we can talk about our challenges each week and our victories too!
The first time I did the C25k I repeated nearly every week after week 2. It's not easy but it's so worth it when you start running for three minutes, then five...twenty and more!

mtlgirl 04-15-2010 02:57 PM

That's great that you already did it once so you know what to expect. I feel that I may have to repeat some of the weeks just because I don't want to get injured.

I'm so excited about this program. I have to say that Day 2 was actually a bit easier than Day 1 so the immediate improvement is so encouraging. It's so nice to share progress with someone too!

avelina 04-15-2010 03:30 PM

One of the things I have to remember when it gets hard is that it's supposed to be hard, that's what working out is. Sometimes I literally have to talk myself into completing just one more minute!

FattyNatty29 04-15-2010 06:45 PM

I saw this program online about 6 months ago and then couldnt find it when I bought my treadmill! Thank you for posting the link!!

flock4 04-16-2010 01:19 AM

If you are still looking for a running buddy, I'd like to be one. I have been running for about 5 years, but due to an injury I have not run for the past 5 months. I really want to get back to my running, but it is like starting all over and more than anything, I am lacking motivation. I think having a running buddy would really help. Let me know if you are still interested. :)

avelina 04-16-2010 06:07 AM

Originally Posted by flock4 (Post 8601)
If you are still looking for a running buddy, I'd like to be one. I have been running for about 5 years, but due to an injury I have not run for the past 5 months. I really want to get back to my running, but it is like starting all over and more than anything, I am lacking motivation. I think having a running buddy would really help. Let me know if you are still interested. :)

Absolutely! We could all check in here at the end of each week and see how we're all doing.
I find it very difficult to get motivated again after stopping an exercise program too. I've actually completed this one twice before but when I stop for a few months, I'm right back to where I started!

mtlgirl 04-16-2010 11:58 AM

That's a great idea Avelina. Let's all check in here weekly to chart our progress and encourage each other. I also find it hard to get motivated which always confuses me because while I am doing the run/walk I love it. Even when it's hard (and it sure is some days) I still love how it makes me feel so why is it so hard to get motivated to go out there and just do it?

I just checked our weather forecast and we are supposed to get steady rain for the next 5 days! :( I'm going to need all the motivation I can muster to go running in the rain.

avelina 04-16-2010 05:56 PM

Originally Posted by mtlgirl (Post 8635)
I also find it hard to get motivated which always confuses me because while I am doing the run/walk I love it. Even when it's hard (and it sure is some days) I still love how it makes me feel so why is it so hard to get motivated to go out there and just do it?

That sounds exactly like me. I know how great I feel after a run, so why is it so hard to get going some days? So frustrating!:confused:

Today is a rest day for me, I'll be completing week one tomorrow, and running outside instead of on a treadmill!

mtlgirl 04-16-2010 08:25 PM

Avelina, I'll also complete week one tomorrow. I prefer running outside but it's supposed to rain so I might have to switch to the treadmill at the gym. I'll wait and see how hard it's raining.

mtlgirl 04-17-2010 01:47 PM

Good morning Couch To 5k Buddies!
Well, I did it! I completed Day 3 of Week 1. Yay!

I suspect if it weren't for this group I might have skipped it this morning. It was cloudy, windy and drizzling but I went out and did it anyway because I knew I had to report back here. I am totally glad that I did it. I feel amazing now! :D

I hope you all are enjoying the program as much as I am. It's still hard but I love the feeling!

avelina 04-18-2010 03:54 AM

Way to go mtlgirl! Glad you felt inspired!

I too completed week one with my first outdoor run. It was much harder outside than on the treadmill. I think I'll have to stick to outside so that it's not such a shock to the system!

flock4 04-18-2010 11:23 PM

Great job you guys!! I am exactly like you, I love how I feel after a run, and even enjoy the running, but can't seem to motivate myself most days to get out there and do it;but I keep working at it :)

I am doing a 34 mile hike in mid June with a friend, so we are doing long hikes on the weekends. I did 12 miles today, with a lot of uphill hiking. The sun was out and it was beautiful in the woods. Planning to get up and run 2 miles tomorrow morning... hopefully I don't hit the alarm and go back to sleep :rolleyes:

mtlgirl 04-18-2010 11:33 PM

Thank you avelina! Good for you for getting Week 1 done!

flock4, that is amazing! 34 miles!!! Wow. That's a long hike! Are you doing that in one day? A couple of years ago I walked 60k (37 miles) in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer but it was over 2 days. It was a great experience. I love walking too!

Tomorrow is my next run/walk. I hope the weather cooperates!

avelina 04-19-2010 05:07 AM

Tomorrow begins week 2 for me - 90 seconds running, 2 minutes walking!! It's supposed to be a gorgeous day here so I'm really looking forward to being outside again. My hamstrings are killing me from hours of yardwork this weekend, plus riding my bike all afternoon but I'm STILL going to run!

mtlgirl 04-19-2010 02:07 PM

Way to go, Avelina! It was a gorgeous morning for a run here too. I am so happy I went and my arms were sore from my workout at the gym yesterday. I did some cardio plus weight training which I hadn't done for a long while but I couldn't let my sore arms stop me from running.

I'm so happy I completed Day 1 of Week 2 this morning!

Have a great day, Couch to 5k buddies!

avelina 04-19-2010 05:44 PM

I did my day 1 of week 2 this morning even though it was painful and difficult with my sore legs. I woke up and told myself that I could take the day off, but later convinced myself to go anyway! My next run won't be until Thursday since I'm going out of town for a few days. Hopefully I'll get some exercise through walking or something!

Luckygir15 04-19-2010 07:33 PM

Hi guys, I've been reading this thread since last week and you all have inspired me to start this couch to 5k thing!
I just finished day 3 of week 1.

OMG do I hate to run! I'm so out of shape.... I've never been able to run any amount of distance before in my life.

I'm so envious of all those wicked fit people who can easily run marathons and even a 5k..... I would love to someday be able to run a 5k. As of right now, that seems unattainable, but maybe this couch to 5k thing will work??

Thanks for the inspiration!

mtlgirl 04-19-2010 09:11 PM

Avelina, enjoy your few days out of town, wherever that may be. I am going to New York City for 9 days. I'm leaving on Thursday but I sort of live there part time so I have every intention to keep doing the C25K program.

Luckygirl, good for you!!! I am totally out of shape too and while you may hate the running for now, I guarantee you, you will grow to LOVE it! I promise! Keep going and you will soon be getting that "runners' high" and that is the best feeling! I am already seeing an improvement and I'm only one run ahead of you. It's amazingly satisfying when you get fast results. Who knows maybe one day we will all run a marathon or at least a half marathon but I am 100% confident we will all be running 5k soon!

avelina 04-23-2010 06:54 PM

Week 2 Day 2
I just completed day 2 of week 2. It was still hard, especially now that I'm running outdoors. How do people do this? I've always run on treadmills in the past and I'm just so surprised at how much harder I have to work outdoors. I live on the prairie so it's not like I'm running up steep inclines either. I can't wait to be able to run for 30 minutes straight though. :cool:

Luckygir15 04-24-2010 01:26 AM

I just finished day 2 of week 2 today! It was wicked hard, but I think it was slightly easier than day 1 of week 2. I then stayed at the gym another 20 minutes on a bike!

DeathArrow 04-24-2010 04:07 AM

Hola everybody. Just wanted to pop in to say, that a couple weeks ago I completed the Couch to 5K. Before I started it, I could barely run 4 minutes without stopping, but now I can run 30 and it's quite amazing.
For me it wasn't really hard because I believe the program was formulated so that it wasn't too hard because if it was, people might not keep doing it...and it's true, I kept doing it because I knew that afterwards I wasn't going to be dieing. But it was a bit hard to get to 25 minute mark from 20 indeed.
I hope you all stick to it, because really when you find yourself running 20 minutes without stopping, like it's nothing, you just are so happy because it's not impossible and before it used to seem so out of sight for you.

Good luck everyone, Couch to 5K does have a's a good running forum, I like it.

mtlgirl 04-24-2010 03:53 PM

Hello from the Big Apple!

I just completed Day 2 of Week 2 today even though I am on vacation in New York City. I ran along the East River and it was totally invigorating!

Luckygirl, way to go! I also thought it was pretty hard but way easier than Day 1 of Week 1 so I feel good!

Avelina, NYC is flat like the prairies except it's all concrete. It definitely is harder to run outside. On the treadmill I can run way faster and for longer periods. Won't it be exciting when we can run a whole 5k outside like it's nothing?!

DeathArrow, thanks for the encouragement and congrats on completing the program!

Now I am off to an outdoor market in Brooklyn. Happy running Everyone!!!

cjohnson728 04-25-2010 03:34 AM

I am with DeathArrow...I just finished this program. The jump from 20-25 is hard but you can do it! For me, I was a little winded at first but this passes; the harder part toward the end was my legs getting tired. But I just pictured the tone they were developing and that carried me through.

I have just now started running outside...been twice. It IS hard!! I can go a little over a mile before walking, whereas on the treadmill it was much further. Kudos to you for getting outside to do it! Hopefully I can build up without having to go back to the beginning :eek:.

Congrats to all of you and keep up the good work. You have some awesome energy here!

avelina 04-25-2010 07:19 PM

To those who have already completed it, thanks for the encouragement. I have actually completed it twice before but didn't stick with it long afterwards, partly due to a back injury, partly due to laziness after the injury. I'm hoping that I'll be able to continue this time!

Today was W3 D3. I'm excited/nervous about next week, running for three minutes!
Luckygirl5-way to go on the bike after the run!
mtlgirl-I'm so jealous that you are in NYC! I was there about a month ago for the first time and I just fell in love with the city. I live in a much smaller city and nothing but fields surrounding it. It has it's beauty too, but NY is definitely more exciting.

Keep running!

avelina 04-29-2010 07:23 PM

I did day 2 of week 3 today in the cold rain-and I feel great!

Luckygir15 05-04-2010 06:31 PM

How is everyone doing?

I decided to do a second week of week 2 last week and just did day of 1 of week 3 today. OMG was I covered in sweat at the gym!!!! After that I stayed at the gym an extra 20 minutes on the bike for a total of 50 minutes at the gym! Now off to do some crunches and such!!!!

avelina 05-07-2010 06:19 PM

I'm still doing well! Tomorrow I finish off week 4, and it's been a rough week. My last run was difficult and I wanted to quit a few times but I kept with it. I'm really nervous about next week, running for eight minutes, then twenty straight, all in the same week! I think next week may be a good repeat week for me since I've struggled so much with this one.

mtlgirl 05-08-2010 01:14 PM

Hello to all the C25K buddies, I am back! I spent 9 days in New York City and it was pouring rain for 4 days in a row. Lucky me! So I only got 2 runs in, the whole time I was there. I unfortunately got sick... and ended up in the hospital. Turns out I have a stomach ulcer but after a week of rest, I am determined to start the program again tomorrow morning. I figure I should start from the beginning since I haven't done anything for over 2 weeks now.

I'm so happy to see that you are sticking with it, Avelina and you too, Luckygirl!

Wish me luck!

Luckygir15 05-08-2010 03:51 PM

Pouring rain in NYC...I live MA and its pouring cats and dogs right now!!!!

I went to the gym this morning (during the thunderstorm) and did day 4 of week 3. I think I'm definitely going to repeat week 3 this week. I also met a young woman about the same age as myself while their and now I have a workout buddy! So I'm thrilled to do the weight machines with someone now. I spent a total of 2 hours at the gym... all time record for me!

herrodere 05-15-2010 09:04 PM

I am going to start this today!

Luckygir15 05-17-2010 04:21 PM

After repeating week 3 a couple times, I finally moved on to Week 4 today!!!! Wow, I did it!!!! I couldn't believe I was actually able to jog for 5 minutes straight twice...but I was able to!!! I feel fantastic!

How is everyone else doing with the program?

I also found a gym buddy to do the couch to 5k program with me, which is a great motivation for me to actually stick with it.

avelina 05-17-2010 05:43 PM

herrodere: glad to hear you're starting this program! Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

I'm doing very well. I finished week 5 on Saturday, which was 20 minutes of running, no breaks. It was very difficult for me and I had to keep reminding myself that it's supposed to be hard. I looked at my watch constantly for the last four minutes but I made it! I was quite proud of myself for not giving up because believe me, I wanted to.

Luckygirl15, congrats on moving on to week 4! Five minutes of running is a real accomplishment. I know how hard just five minutes is, I was just there myself and it's still not easy for me. I can't wait to hear how this week goes for you!

Slimgram 05-17-2010 11:01 PM

Couch to 5K
My oh my, I'm going to cry on everyone shoulders. I want to get off the couch, but I do NOT have any will power to do it. So here I sit fat, dumb and not so happy at my computer, day after day. I work for about 4 days doing this Fitness Journal but then drop out and don't come back till like a month later. Ho hum, maybe some day I'll get with it. some of you are doing soo very good as I read your posts. Keep it up, you don't want to be like me.:o

avelina 05-18-2010 04:15 PM

Slimgram, we have all felt like that at one time or another. If we hadn't been in your shoes, none of us would even be here at fitday. I've started programs and stopped more times than I can count. Making permanent changes aren't easy when we've been doing it wrong our whole lives. I think that you can do this too, but you may not be ready. One day you will be. Keep reading the forum and post from time to time, you may find the inspiration you're looking for.

herrodere 05-18-2010 07:22 PM

Originally Posted by avelina (Post 11033)
herrodere: glad to hear you're starting this program! Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

So far it's going very well.. I've done the Week 1 schedule three times, but I might finish out the week with it before I move onto Week 2. I always thought that I hated running, but it's actually quite enjoyable! And interval training makes the treadmill much more interesting.
I definitely recommend C25K for anyone who thinks that jogging isn't for them .. it might be!

fullofit3 05-19-2010 01:24 AM

I dont know if this has been mentioned before but if you have an ipod you can hook it up to the nike+, it sells for about $30 and works great. I hated running my whole life, when I was kid training for sports all the way to adult hood when going through academy.
I got the nike+ for ipod last may and loved using it so much I was able to run a 5K in sept in 30 mins and wasnt the last one to finish.
It has all kinds of programs and training programs, the worst case is that you dont use it and only out $30.

avelina 05-21-2010 02:01 AM

Just finished day 2 of week 6, 10 minutes running, 3 walking and 10 running. It was tough, like every other week but I know I couldn't have done this on week one or two! I'm nervous for Saturday, 25 straight minutes. Today was the last day I have any time walking.

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