Need exercise plan asap

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Default Need exercise plan asap

I need a site recommendation to create an exercise program for me. My goal is to loose body fat on my lower tummy and upper arms (see attachments)

I have diet down. I lost 21 lbs just with changing my food diet. Now, its time to do the exercise. It's been a while so I need to get a work out plan to fit my goal. I know I need cardio and weight lifting. I am currently limited on lifting weights that affects the abs. I just had major surgery on my uterus on June 1, 2010. The outside has healed but the inside not for another 5 months.

My goal is too lose the body fat on lower tummy and upper arms. I don't want the weights to make it firm and stay the same size. I want to loose inches in these areas.

Can anyone help me or suggest a site where I can create a work out plan? If I don't have one, the goal won't be met.

You can Yahoo IM me at prgirltx1969f if you like. It's not an email address so don't try to send email to that address.
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Lifting weights will help you burn fat from all over your body. It is much more effective and efficient at doing this than cardio. You may want to start there and gradually add in cardio as you start to lose weight. Plus, right now, because of your current size and the fact that you just had surgery, you are limited to low impact cardio as it is. Running and biking are out because the first will stress your joints and the second can bump around your abs. Elliptical and water aerobics are great low impact cardio exercises and should be done for overall cardiovascular benefits. Concentrate on weight lifting to handle the weight loss.

Sorry I couldn't point in a more definitive direction, but hopefully this will help you direct your search a little better.

Good luck!
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You might want to head out to your local library and get a couple of workout DVD's, specifically beginner pilates and yoga. And keep checking them out until you find a handful that you want to buy. They tend to be low impact. I would also second the water aerobics. If you can't find a class, just try some slow lap swimming, or even just treading water for several minutes. You might also invest in a pair of wrist/ankle weights and wear them while you take care of all the other stuff you have to get done.
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A good site that has paid membership is
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One of my favorite simple ways to come up with an exercise plan is using magazines. Here's what to do:

1. Buy several exercise, weight loss, or health magazines such as Self, Shape, Women's Health, etc. (If you subscribe to any and have back issues lying around, that's perfect!)
2. Cut out any exercises included in the magazines. Don't cut out any that use equipment you don't have.
3. Spread out all of your choices. Select a series of exercises that targets the muscles you want to work. Tack on a warm-up at the beginning and a cool-down at the end, and voila! You've got a decent routine.
4. Go through the routine on non-consecutive days. Make changes as needed.

One of my favorite things to do when I'm bored with my current exercise routine is to put all of the exercises I've cut out into a large box or bag. I reach in and grab 8-10 exercises at random. I check to make sure they aren't all bicep exercises or anything like that, make a change or two if needed, then try the new routine. This keeps me and my muscles from getting bored!

Have fun!
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Also to develop good total body strength and burn lots of calories there are 5-6 core compound lifts that you should be doing: Squats, Dead Lifts, Presses(chest/shoulder/bench,) Rows, Pull-ups/chin-ups/pull-downs, and if you are capable hang cleans/clean and jerk. Any variation of those types of lifts are the base of total body strength.
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Find your nearest CrossFit affiliate.

The coaches will be able to scale any workout to what you will be capable of. You will workout harder than you ever have, have more joy doing it than you ever have, make friends that you have never had, be part of a community you never knew existed, and achieve things that you never thought you would ever thought you would.
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Default exercise program

Has anyone tried the workout program called "The power of 10" by Adam Zickerman?------If so does it work?
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