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Why Macro Minerals Are Essential To The Body


Your body needs many different kinds of minerals to stay healthy. It needs trace minerals, which are so called because you only need a small amount, and it needs macro minerals. Macro minerals include familiar names like calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium, all of which you need in large dosages. Macro minerals are key to the success of almost every aspect of your health.


Perhaps one of the most familiar macro minerals, calcium is also one of the most necessary. It is responsible for bone development and maintenance, as well as blood clotting and heartbeat regulation. Calcium deficiencies are responsible for a range of diseases and conditions, commonly including osteoporosis, hypertension and tooth decay. The best way to consume the recommended 400-1000mg a day is through low fat dairy products. Nuts, tofu, shellfish, eggs and wheat are all also viable sources of calcium.


The USRDA for phosphorus is around 800mg. Phosphorus is needed for bone and tooth health just like calcium, but it is also a vital part of metabolizing energy. Without phosphorous, your body can't turn food into energy and strength. It also is essential to kidney and liver function. Foods high in phosphorus are usually also high in protein. Dairy, beef, chicken and even cola beverages have a high phosphorus content.


Magnesium is essential to over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, and is a co-enzyme in over 80 percent of the body's enzymes. It is necessary to bone health, as well as a healthy thyroid. You should intake 350mg a day of magnesium. A good place to get it is through green leafy vegetables such as kale or spinach. Magnesium is also present in nuts, soybeans and coco.


Potassium does more than just prevent muscle cramps. It allows energy and electricity to be transferred properly between cells, which in turn ensures healthy cell membranes, nerve impulses and heart rhythm. The RDA of 4700 mg can be found in many foods such as bananas, orange juice, potatoes and fish.

Chloride and Sodium

Chloride and Sodium are also considered important macro minerals. However, since these minerals are carried into the body through salt, the average American diet is seldom lacking in them. If you eat a low salt died, consult with your doctor to be sure you are receiving enough of these minerals.

Minerals have a place right alongside vitamins in the quest for proper nutrition. Eating healthy foods like the ones listed above the best way to ensure your body gets the large quantities of macro minerals it needs.

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