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Treating Acne with Vitamins: Is it Safe?


If you struggle with acne, there's a good chance you've heard about different acne vitamins that can help you clear up your skin. Prior to trying acne vitamins as a possible solution, you may want to try other methods of acne treatment. For instance, you should always keep your skin clean by using astringent lotions and oil-removing pads to clear away any dirt that may be sitting on the surface of your skin. In addition, try acne products that contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, as they are formulated to fight acne.

However, if you've tried other methods of treating acne and gotten less than satisfactory results, you may want to consider acne vitamins. But, as always, there are certain risks that you must consider before taking vitamins to help your acne problems.

The Risks Involved with Acne Vitamins

Acne is not always the result of clogged pores. In some cases, it may be caused by a hormonal imbalance in your body that prevents your pores from stopping the acne. In these situations, acne vitamins could help. But, you also must consider possible side effects. For example, taking 60 to 90 mg of zinc every day could help you fight your acne problem. However, it also could cause a copper deficiency in your body, in which case you'll need to take 1 to 2 mg of extra copper per day to supplement the deficiency. You also may need to supplement your body with extra zinc for up to three months before you see results.

Vitamin A is another acne vitamin that could be used to target acne. However, in the case of Vitamin A, you'll basically need to take very high dosages every day to see results. You'll also need to be careful and prevent yourself from overdosing on Vitamin A. There is a risk involved. Likewise, Vitamin E is known to help male patients balance their hormones and eliminate acne. But, you'll need to be sure that you're taking the right dosage in order to see positive results. In almost every instance involving acne vitamins, you'll need to work with a dermatologist to be sure you're getting the proper dosage in order to treat your acne and not harm your body.

How Acne Vitamins Can Help

Millions of Americans continue to struggle with acne every year. It can be problematic to clear up acne, especially if you don't know why you have it. Acne vitamins could increase your chances of clearing up your acne. But, only a dermatologist can tell you if acne vitamins could increase your chances of eliminating acne. If you've tried everything else and nothing seems to work for you, the problem could be a vitamin deficiency in your body.

Acne vitamins can help you get rid of your acne once and for all. They can also show you how your body functions properly when the right amount of vitamins are ingested.

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