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Micro Minerals: Do You Get Enough?


There are ten micro minerals your body needs everyday. The body needs energy, and to produce that energy, your body needs minerals to nourish the adrenals and thyroid, which are the chief organs that produce energy.

Obtaining Necessary Nutrients

One of the best-known ways in which to get your minerals is by replacing low nutrient processed foods with high nutrient foods. By healthy eating and taking daily multiple vitamins, your body automatically ingests all the micro minerals it needs. Most people do not get enough of these trace minerals; the following are a few options for making sure you get plenty of micro minerals in your daily diet.

  • Vegetables - Especially dark green leafy vegetables are high in vitamins and trace micro minerals.
  • Fermented or cultured foods and drinks - Miso is a fermented soy paste made from fermented soybeans. Many foods from fruits to meats are fermented.
  • Cultured vegetables will boost the vitamins and minerals they contain.
  • Probiotics, such as yogurt, add beneficial micorflora, helping to extract and retain minerals from the foods you eat.

Herbs are another wonderful source of micro minerals. Herbs such as alfalfa, dandelion, red clover blossoms, oat straw and peppermint are especially good sources. These herbs are delicious as brewed tea, eaten raw or in capsule form.

Micro Minerals and Their Functions

Each person's daily needs are different and depend on factors such as health, age and sex. The following are a list of micro minerals and their uses.

  • Copper - immune function, arterial strength, hemoglobin formation
  • Chromium - insulin and glucose regulation
  • Iron - blood formation, immune function
  • Selenium - immune function, antioxidant
  • Iodine - thyroid function
  • Molybdenum - regulating enzymes
  • Silicon - enzymes, connective tissue
  • Manganese - enzyme action, bone health
  • Fluorine - tooth and bone health
  • Zinc - antioxidant production, enzyme cofactor

Getting Enough Micro Minerals

Getting enough vitamins and micro minerals every day is possible by eating a variety of high quality foods such as fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and protein; a visit to your local farmers market may be a good source of high quality fruits and veggies.

If you are worried you might not be getting enough, have your doctor run some test to determine just what your needs are.

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