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How Does a Daily Multivitamin Improve Health?

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How does a daily multivitamin improve health? In today's very busy world, it is getting harder to insure that we get all the nutrients our bodies need to be healthy. This is where taking a daily multivitamin comes into play. Taking a daily multivitamin will guarantee you ingest the nutrients needed to maintain all vital organs.

Men vs Women

Both women and men require a different level of vitamins and minerals in their daily diet. For this reason, many manufacturers have developed gender-specific vitamins. One of the best daily multivitamins on the market today is Centrum, tailored for both sexes (improving both inside health and outside appearance).

The Vitamins Our Bodies Need Most

Overall, everybody's body needs 13 essential vitamins to maintain health and wellness. These vitamins include A, B, C, D, E, K, B12 and the 7 B-complex vitamins. Most of these vitamins get consumed through the food we eat, which is where the problem lies. Because most of us do not consume enough nutrients through our diet, and because certain environmental factors can reduce fresh food's nutrient value, we need to take daily multivitamin supplements.

A deficiency in one or more of these vitamins can cause illness, and if not treated, it can be fatal. For people with the gene for Alzheimer's, a regular combination of vitamins C and E helps to prevent the onset. A good daily vitamin supplementation will assist the body in dealing with stress.

Personal Nutritional Requirements

Personal circumstances may cause an increase in dietary needs, and therefore the increased need for a daily multivitamin supplement. Some of these circumstances are pregnancy, age, stress, and certain illnesses. Daily multivitamin intake is also associated with the prevention of, or reduces the risk of, certain diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and some mental disorders.

While taking a daily multivitamin does appear to improve your health, it is not a 100% guarantee you will be free of serious illnesses brought on by other factors. A visit to your health care provider for a blood test will tell you what kind of vitamins you need to be taking (and what diet you should be consuming).

Studies show that overall, our bodies derive benefits from taking a multivitamin supplement.

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