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8 Advantages of Fish Fatty Acids

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Fish fatty acids have many far reaching health benefits and should be included as a part of your balanced diet. These essential fatty acids, primarily omega-3s, must be consumed through diet, as your body does not produce them on its own.

Sources of omega-3s can be ingested either through fatty fish or supplements. Though natural fish consumption is thought to be the best because of the additional nutrients it provides your body, either method of consumption will produce positive results on your long-term health. Fatty fishes include salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines and anchovies, and they should be eaten at least twice a week to bring the following benefits to your body:

Advantage #1: Reduces Cancer Risk

Regular consumption of omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce the risk of several types of cancer by up to 50%, including breast, ovary, prostate, esophagus, colon and oral cancers.

Advantage #2: Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Research has shown that by eating fatty fishes twice a week, you can reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease. Eating these fish helps to reduce blood clots, improve blood vessel elasticity, lower blood pressure, boost good cholesterol and lower blood fats, all of which contribute to your improved cardiovascular health.

Advantage #3: Decreases Dementia Risk

Studies have proven that elderly people who eat seafood or fish at least once weekly, have a much lower risk of developing both dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Advantage #4: Helps Manage Diabetes

Regular eating of fatty fish has been shown to help manage blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

Advantage #5: Helps Relieve Inflammatory Conditions

Eating fatty fish on a regular basis has been proven to assist in relieving some of the symptoms of inflammatory conditions like autoimmune diseases, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Advantage #6: Improves Brain and Eye Health

A diet rich in omega-3s, the vital nutrient supplied in fatty fish, has been shown to contribute to the health of both brain tissue and the retina.

Advantage #7: Decreases Depression Rates

The omega-3s in fatty fish have been linked to producing lower incidences of depression in those people that regularly consume fish.

Advantage #8: Decreases Asthma Risk

Studies have shown that children who eat fatty fish are much less likely to develop asthma throughout their lives.

With so many health benefits, there is no reason to not increase your consumption of fatty fish. Try different fish and recipes, and experiment with baking, steaming, poaching and grilling the fish to really get started on the road to healthier eating and living.

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