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11 Vitamin C Rich Foods


Vitamin C is an essential nutritional element that helps the body fight off diseases and viruses, aids in preventing inflammation, and helps the body to process other nutrients. It is critical to get a regular intake of vitamin C to prevent some pretty intense symptoms of a vitamin C deficiency.

Top Foods for Vitamin C

Many fresh fruits and vegetables contain relatively high amounts of vitamin C. Here are some of the top foods for getting this very important nutrient into your diet.

  1. Papaya - These island fruits contain a high dose of vitamin C, and though they may not be widely available in many parts of the world, they provide an easy source of this vitamins.
  2. Bell Peppers - These fresh vegetables also have a significant amount of vitamin C. For the best absorption of this nutrient, experts recommend selecting organic red bell peppers and adding them to a dish in their raw form.
  3. Strawberries - These luscious red berries are a popular source of vitamin C, commonly used in salads, desserts, and a variety of dishes. As seasonal fruits, they are best used fresh in order to get the full taste and nutritional effect of the natural berry.
  4. Broccoli - This green vegetable also contains its share of vitamin C. When it is overcooked, it loses some of its nutrients.
  5. Rose Hip Extracts - These dietary supplements contain a high dose of vitamin C by volume. They are less common in meals, but for those who want a concentrated vitamin C boost, rose hip extracts will serve the intended purpose of elevating blood levels of this nutrient.
  6. Brussels Sprouts - These hardy "mini-cabbages" also include their fair share of vitamin C and other essential nutrients.
  7. Oranges - These common breakfast fruits also have a large amount of vitamin C. Citrus fruits are common source of this and other vitamins. Although it can be handy to substitute orange juice from concentrate, for the best absorption of vitamin C, oranges and other citrus fruit should be eaten whole.
  8. Kale - This kind of green vegetable also packs a punch when it comes to vitamin C and other essential vitamins and minerals.
  9. Tomato - The tomato is a common way that many people get some amount of vitamin C. By contrast, the tomato does not provide a concentrated amount of this vitamin, but it can be added to sandwiches and other food preparations for a frequent, low-level dose.
  10. Peaches - These delicate fruits also contain a significant amount of vitamin C. Fresh fruits in general are a good source of this vitamin.
  11. Potatoes - Potatoes are easy to store, easy to prepare, and relatively inexpensive. On their own, potatoes won't deliver the kind of vitamin boost that many health food enthusiasts are looking for, but in their natural form, these simple foods do contain some vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

Healthy Body Benefits

The above foods are common ways that individuals introduce vitamin C into their regular diets. Think about how to use more fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals to benefit from some of the specific roles that vitamin C plays in developing a healthy body and promoting a long and healthy life.

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