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The Five Worst Things on Wendy's Menu

Fitday Editor
In the third part of our series on eating at chain restaurants, we take a look at Wendy's. Check out part two, where we examine Olive Garden.

Wendy's was built on the ideas of founder Dave Thomas. For the most part, they do a good job of providing quality ingredients, and their hamburgers are pretty good calorie- and fat-wise. The nutritional menu on their website lets you build your own meal and provides not only nutrition but allergen content as well. However, there are some menu items you just shouldn't eat. Here's what to avoid.

DON'T EAT: Baconator

This just screams "eat me and clog your arteries." Beef plus bacon? I suggest you pass up on this one. 970 calories, 570 from fat, 63 total grams of fat, 2,200 mg of sodium. This is a monster that will wreck your waistline.

INSTEAD EAT: If you can't satisfy the hunger beast and you absolutely must indulge, look instead to the new Son Of Baconator. It's smaller and won't do as much damage, but there are still plenty of better options than these two.

DON'T EAT: Chili Cheese Fries

Wendy's recently revamped their menu, and the addition of the chili cheese fries was one of those new items. The chili by itself is one of the better menu items. So is the baked potato. Add the chili and cheese and fried potatoes, and you get this stomach-churning concoction. 570 calories, 30 grams of fat and 58 grams of carbs are all in store for you here.

INSTEAD EAT: Skip the Chili Cheese Fries and go for the baked potato without sour cream and a small chili and call it a day.

DON'T EAT: Asiago Ranch Chicken

By far the worst chicken meal on the menu, the Asiago Ranch chicken is a fried chicken patty, bacon, lots of cheese, and a sauce spread chock-full of empty calories and high fat content.

INSTEAD EAT: Try instead a grilled chicken sandwich (classic) without mayo. Better yet, you could opt for the chicken go-wrap from the value menu and pair it with a garden salad with light dressing for a perfectly health-conscious meal.

DON'T EAT: Chocolate Frosty Shake (Sm)

The Frosty could be America's national dessert. However, the Chocolate Frosty Shake should not be. A small is 580 calories, 120 from fat, and a large is 880 calories, 160 from fat.

INSTEAD EAT: if you have a sweet tooth the next time you visit Dave's joint, opt instead for the classic Junior Frosty. It has just enough flavor and the size is just right to satisfy anyone's craving for a little sweetness.

DON'T EAT: Premium Cod Filet

It's pretty much a no brainer at this point that regardless of the place, a fried fish sandwich is going to be one of the worst items on the whole menu. Wendy's is no different. Unfortunately, this is the only seafood option at good ole' Wendy's.

INSTEAD EAT: I would skip it entirely and stick with one of the better options on the menu. If you must have fish/seafood, I strongly suggest finding an alternative with freshly prepared and not fried ingredients.

Remember, if you've got a craving for Wendy's, before you head out to chow down, check out their nutrition facts, which you can find here.

Ryan Barnhart, MS, PES, is a certified Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He also holds a master's degree in exercise science, as well as a bachelor of sport management, both from California University of Pennsylvania. Ryan has worked with numerous collegiate and amateur athletes across many different fields. Ryan also has had the opportunity to work with several professional athletes. Recently he has worked with amateur and professional athletes within the emerging sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Ryan is currently the director of fitness at a 700+ member gym near Pittsburgh, PA. He enjoys working with weekend warriors, athletes, and everyone in between. You can contact Ryan at [email protected].

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