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Why Apple Cider Vinegar Is the Ultimate Home Remedy

Get ready to downsize your household products and medications because apple cider vinegar is the only product you'll need to live your best life.

Sometimes the answer to life’s ailments and treatments is right under your nose … or in this case inside your kitchen. If you do a quick search of apple cider vinegar a plethora a health benefits emerge and you quickly realize that you could eliminate everything else in your medicine cabinet and simply keep a few bottles of this stocked up instead. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) offers so many remedies to our body’s ailments and illnesses that there is little surprise that it has been around for centuries as a natural cure. When buying ACV for the first time, be sure to look for an organic and unfiltered brand that contains what’s known as “the mother.”

“The Mother” is strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that give the product a murky, cobweb-like appearance that is seen floating on top. The majority of the health benefits of ACV lie with “the mother,” so it’s important that your bottle has it. If you’re ready to see just how much ACV can change your life, check out this list of fantastic home remedies.

1. All-Purpose Cleaner – Since regular vinegar is a well-known formula to clean a variety of things in your home, it shouldn’t be surprising that ACV is even better. The reason why it’s more effective than traditional vinegar is because it contains all of the bacteria-fighting benefits that other vinegars lack due to its raw and unfiltered state. Simply mix together some ACV and water or if you want a more pleasant smell for your home you could also add a few drops of essential oil. Check out the home remedy here.

2. Diabetes Prevention – When you think of ways to prevent diabetes things such as diet and exercise comes to mind, however you will be pleasantly surprised to know that a little ACV goes a long way in helping to prevent diabetes as well. There is a strong correlation between ingesting ACV and lowering blood sugar levels because the anti-glycemic effect of the acid in ACV is what helps with insulin sensitivity. To try out this mind-blowing home remedy yourself, take two tablespoons before bed. Check out the home remedy here.

3. Regulates Skin pH – Problems with your skin can be a pain and you will likely spend tons of money trying to fix it instead of just looking in your kitchen for a bottle of ACV. When applied to the skin it acts as a toner, which not only regulates the pH levels in your skin, but can also help to fade acne scars and age spots. Mix ACV with double parts water, place on a cotton ball and apply all over your face. Check out the home remedy here.

4. Produces Shiny Hair – Dull, dry hair can make even the most beautiful hairstyle look positively underwhelming, however there is a cure for it that won’t cause you to spend tons of money on hair products. ACV will leave you with shiny and super soft strands because it eliminates that residue that shampoo often leaves behind. The application process to your hair is pretty simple as well, apply to your hair, massage it in, wrap hair in towel or cap for 10 minutes and then follow up with your regular shampoo/conditioner routine. Check out the home remedy here.

5. Lowers Blood Pressure – Having to rely on daily blood pressure medication to ensure that your levels aren’t too high is a common practice, but if you could eliminate it and try a natural home remedy instead would you? Studies have shown that ACV can help with naturally lowering your blood pressure by a few points, however it is very important to check with your doctor before you attempt to discontinue using any kind of blood pressure medication. Check out the home remedy here.

6. Combats Bad Breath/Whitens Teeth – There are few things worse or more embarrassing than suffering from bad breath and if you have a severe case of it yet can’t seem to find a permanent solution, ACV just may be the answer to your prayers. The natural acidity and minerals in ACV work as natural bacteria-fighting agents that combat bad breath. In addition, it also works great as a natural teeth whitener as well because it removes those pesky surface stains. Just mix together ACV and baking soda to form a paste, and brush on your teeth to whiten and gargle with plain ACV to stomp out bad breath. Check out the home remedy here.

7. Lowers Cholesterol – With all of the fatty, fried food that ultimately finds its way into our diets at some point or another, you may experience higher than normal cholesterol levels. Although instead of freaking out, look to your bottle of ACV to help you lower it. By taking it regularly, it aids in lowering VLDL levels and reducing triglycerides for those who indulge in a diet of high cholesterol. Check out the home remedy here.

8. Aids in Weight Loss – Honestly, there are few health struggles more frustrating that trying to lose weight and maintain it. If you have ever struggled with losing even the slightest bit of weight you know that it can be quite the challenge. Fortunately ACV is here to save you the headache of shedding pounds. The ACV benefits to weight loss management include declines in your body weight, abdominal fat, waist circumference, and triglycerides. Mix two teaspoons of ACV with no less than 16 ounces of water and drink. Check out the home remedy here.

9. Treats Psoriasis – One of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing skin conditions is psoriasis and if you have ever suffered from it you know that finding a reliable treatment can be challenging. Enter ACV, which can be used as a toner and applied directly to the problems area(s) with a cotton ball to reduce the itchy, irritated skin. For an even deeper psoriasis treatment, you could also soak in ACV as part of your bath time process. Check out the home remedy here.

10. Detoxifies the Body – Body detoxification can have amazing results when done properly and on a regular basis. ACV is arguably one of the best ways to cleanse out your body in an all-natural way without the need for a host of additional ingredients like other detox recipes require. ACV promotes circulation, detoxifies the liver and also binds to toxins which can assist in removing them from the body. Check out the home remedy here.

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