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Healthy Halloween Candy Alternatives

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Halloween is the time for haunting, pretending, and consuming sweets. Although Halloween doesn't scream health, it doesn't mean you have to forgo your diet or squash someone else's goals while handing out treats. With a little planning, you can hand out or consume healthy, fun Halloween treats without the guilt.

Organic Candy

If you are looking for healthier candy, start with organic. These candies not only taste similar and come in similar flavors to your regular favorites, they also have fewer chemicals and are likely to contain healthier ingredients. Organic candies are not necessarily sugar or fat-free, but they usually contain healthier fats from organic nuts and oils, as well as natural sugars from fruit juices and other non-processed sugars. They are also less likely to contain non-organic ingredients such as food coloring, which many people avoid due to health and possibly behavioral-related issues.

Dark Chocolate

If you are considering giving out chocolate (and let's face it, who isn't?) stick to dark chocolate treats, preferably around 72% cacao if possible. Dark chocolate is known for tasting a bit drier and bitterer than creamy milk chocolate, but it is also much healthier. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants, which help repair cells, as well as being heart-healthy and lower in sugar. If you are worried about treats not being sweet enough, you might be able to find dark chocolate bars with almonds, peanut butter, or even honey or peppermint.


Instead of candy, you could try prepackaged popcorn. While it usually still contains sugar, it also contains fiber and protein, which helps to make it a more balanced snack. Prepackaged popcorn or popcorn balls can be given away to trick-or-treaters or placed into goodie bags instead of candy. Since they are sweet and salty, they are a filling and satisfying snack that will help to keep you from reaching further into the candy bin.

Fruit Snacks

Healthy fruit snacks are a yummy alternative to gummy and chewy candies. Fruit snacks, especially those that are organic, often contain vitamins and fruit juices rather than artificial sugar and preservatives. They are also individually packaged, which make them perfect for Halloween goodies bags and bowls. Look for fruit snacks that use fruit juices to sweeten and color this gummy treat, and steer clear of the kind with artificial colors and flavors. This will help you keep it a tasty and healthy treat.

Apple Slices

If you are looking to stay away from any unhealthy or unnatural ingredients, you could give a naturally sweet and healthy treat, such as prepackaged apple slices. These will be simple and easy to hand out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. If you are looking to keep it more festive, look for varieties with a peanut butter or caramel dipping sauce.

Small Toys

One alternative to candy and treats is to forgo candy altogether and hand out a different kind of treat. Individual or small-packaged toys such as small balls, crayons, or Playdoh make fun alternatives to handing out candy on Halloween. By handing out a toy, it is not only healthier, but the children will be able to enjoy it well after their candy has been consumed. You can often find these in bulk or in smaller sizes that make them perfect for grabbing enough to fill your candy bowl on Halloween.


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