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Using Fresh Mushrooms as a Source of Vitamin D

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Using fresh mushrooms is an effective way of getting more vitamin D into your diet. Mushrooms are not normally a solid source of vitamin D, but they can become one if they are exposed to ultraviolet light for a period of time. Vitamin D is mostly known as a vitamin that fights off diseases and keeps your bones strong. Ultraviolet light is found in sunlight, so if fresh mushrooms are allowed to sit in the sunlight long enough, they will increase their vitamin D content. Getting more vitamin D into your diet brings with it health benefits like a reduced chance of developing cancer.

Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Using fresh mushrooms as a source of vitamin D may give you health benefits. A US study indicated that more vitamin D in your diet means reducing your risk of developing cancer by up to 60 percent. The health benefits of vitamin D are not just related to reducing cancer risk. It has been found to also show health benefits with regards to diabetes, the lungs, the heart and multiple sclerosis. Vitamin D lessens the chance of diabetes developing in young people, improves the function of the lungs, guards against heart disease and lowers the chance of multiple sclerosis developing. The research into vitamin D being present in mushrooms due to exposure to sunlight is only preliminary.

Research of Vitamin D in Fresh Mushrooms

Using fresh mushrooms as a source of vitamin D is looking increasingly realistic due to recent research. Scientists have found that exposing fresh mushrooms to ultraviolet light for even a short period increases their vitamin D content. It is an increase that is many times beyond the mere daily intake requirements of vitamin D. Usually, a normal serving of fresh mushrooms only comes with approximately 0.45 micrograms of vitamin D. Studies have shown that mushrooms treated with ultraviolet light increase their vitamin D content to levels up to 80 micrograms in the same serving size. While this research does establish mushrooms as a promising source of vitamin D, there are still questions to overcome. One of the most daunting issues centers around bio-availability.

American Lack of Vitamin D

Using fresh mushrooms as a source of vitamin D is exciting because many Americans fail to get enough of it in their diet. One of the best ways to get more vitamin D is by simply stepping out into the sunlight. This is because sunlight contains ultraviolet light, which produces the vitamin. If the research holds true, it means that many Americans could just eat more fresh mushrooms to supplement their vitamin D needs. This may prove to be helpful, since many Americans lead a sedentary lifestyle that does not involve venturing outside too much. This is especially true in the case of office workers.

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