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The Cholesterol in Egg Yolk

Fitday Editor

The reason many people choose to omit the egg yolk when creating recipes that call for eggs, is because of the high amounts of cholesterol and fat that are found in that part of the egg. In fact, an egg contains about 213 mg of cholesterol in it, and every bit of it comes from the egg yolk itself. However, this news doesn't mean that you can't enjoy eggs, as long as you do so in moderation and with your health in mind.

While it's true that there are other nutrients found in the yolk such as protein, these can be obtained by eating other foods that aren't so high in cholesterol. If you like the taste of eggs and you want to enjoy them on a regular basis, but you want to avoid the cholesterol, simply eliminate the egg yolk when making meals and baking.

For example, you can create a three egg omelet using only one egg yolk and saving yourself almost 500 mg of cholesterol. You can also omit the yolks altogether when baking cakes, breads and other goodies.

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