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Rice Cakes: Why They're the Perfect Snack

Fitday Editor
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Rice cakes have become a very popular snack in recent years. More and more people like rice cakes and now eat them as a snack so they can stay away from unhealthy options like chips and fries. Here are some reasons why rice cakes are the perfect snack.


Rice cakes that are made of brown rice are especially good for you, because they are high in fiber. If you eat just 1½ cups of brown rice, you satisfy the daily whole grain requirements of your body.


Rice is also a carbohydrate, so it provides you with the energy that you need to last for the whole day. Unlike refined grains that are digested faster, these provide longer lasting energy. Snacking on rice cakes made of brown rice will keep you on the go for most of the day.

Low in Calories

Rice cakes are great for people who are on a diet. These snacks are very low in calories. They also don't contain any fat and sodium, which are detrimental to a person who wants to shed some extra pounds. Snacking on this food item will also make you feel full much longer, so you can avoid eating food more often than you need to.

Mood Benefits

Aside from physical health, rice cakes can also have benefits for your emotional well being, as they are known to regulate the mood. Eating rice produces the neurotransmitter called serotonin, which can improve your mood.

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