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Low Calorie, Lower Fat Alternatives for Fat, Oils and Salad Dressings

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With so many different types of oils, fats and salad dressing currently on the market, it can be difficult to make a good low calorie choice that is tasty and delicious. Instead of trying to sort out these products, try something different altogether. Salsa, cottage cheese, vinegar and applesauce are all great examples of foods that can be used as a substitute for fats, oils, and salad dressing.


Salsa is one of the best low calorie alternatives to salad dressing that you can choose. Unlike traditional versions of salad dressing, which are typically loaded with high amounts of sodium, salsa is seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, and therefore is often much lower in dietary sodium. Salsa contains fresh tomatoes and onions, which are high in dietary fiber and can be a great choice for individuals who are interested in achieving weight loss or preventing cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes or other serious conditions. While you can easily find a variety of different types of salsa at your local grocery store, it can also be made at home with little difficulty. Making your own salsa is the only way that you can be certain your foods are both delicious and healthy.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is another low calorie alternative to salad dressing. In order to kick up the taste of cottage cheese, try adding chopped basil, rosemary or other herbs. Cottage cheese can be used as a spread for bread, crackers or even as a dip for fresh vegetables. Try using the cottage cheese in its most natural form, or put it in a food processor and pureed for a product that is more smooth and creamy. It is important to make smart choices when it comes to selecting cottage cheese. For best results, look for cottage cheeses which are made from low or reduced fat, in order to have the lowest calorie intake possible.


Vinegar is an interesting alternative to traditional oils or salad dressings. It can be served plain over salads as a surprisingly tangy dressing, or can be dressed up with herbs and spices, and used as a dip for crusty French bread. More and more companies are starting to season their vinegar in order to make it more upscale. While these "couture" vinegars may taste great, they typically have high amounts of sodium and other ingredients that can lead to unwanted weight gain. In order to have the best results, use plain vinegar for your fat and oil substitutions.


Applesauce is a low calorie and sweet alternative to the fats and oils used in cooking. This ingredient not only helps to cut down on the total amount of fat and calories you're getting in your diet, but also can provide an interesting flavor that is guaranteed to keep your friends guessing. Use applesauce in place of butter, oil or even eggs in your cakes, cookies and bars.

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