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Is Cooking Spray a Good Oil Replacement?

Fitday Editor
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Cooking spray may be used instead of oil on frying pans, and this is a healthier alternative with a lower calorie content. The cooking spray can be employed whenever you need to fry some eggs, vegetables or prepare a more sophisticated recipe.

Advantages of Cooking Spray

When compared to cooking oil, cooking spray may have a number of benefits, both for your figure and your health:

  • Cooking spray contains fewer calories, as you will spray a small amount (some products on the market claim to contain zero calories), so your food will be less fattening.
  • The food will be less greasy and will have fewer free radicals.
  • The risk of developing heart disease and cholesterol are reduced.
  • The food will not stick to the frying pan, which will be easier to clean.

Disadvantages of Cooking Spray

When used instead of cooking oil, the cooking spray may have a few minuses. A large number of people that have tried both cooking spray and oil say that the food may not be as tasty prepared with cooking spray. However, there are cooking sprays available with all sorts of flavors, and you will be able to choose one that will make your food taste good.

Whether you use cooking oil or spray is up to you. However, if you have a few fitness goals in mind, the safer choice is to go with the cooking spray.

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