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How to Keep Your Weekend Diet Healthy

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Keeping your weekend diet healthy often involves finding weekend activities that keep you active. Weekend activities such as hiking with a friend, going on a walking tour with family, working in your garden and joining a community sports league will help to keep you fit and healthy.


The weekend represents relaxation time for most people. When the weekend rolls around, you might find yourself wanting to avoid all stress or worry. It is common for people to spend their weekends in front of the television or out in restaurants or bars with friends. While these activities have their place, if your goal is to keep your weekend diet healthy, you might consider planning ahead and scheduling weekend activities that are more active in nature.

Working Around the House

One of the simplest ways to stay active is to accomplish your household tasks. Cleaning, clearing out the garage or working in your garden are all ways that you can stay active and purposeful during your weekend. By the time you have finished your daily tasks, you will have a sense of accomplishment. These activities will burn more calories than sitting in front of the television.

Replace Sedentary Outings With Active Ones

Some common weekend activities for families include eating out or going to the movies. These are sedentary activities that can create a weekend diet that is filled with overeating and snacking on popcorn and other treats. Get creative and think of activities that will keep your family members moving. Playing together in a park or visiting a children's museum will keep you moving and away from the temptation to eat.

Join a Community Sports League

The weekends are a perfect time for joining a community sports activity. Playing baseball with your coworkers, getting your friends together for a game of tennis, joining a hiking group or kicking around a soccer ball with your neighbors are all ways to stay active and avoid a sedentary weekend that leads to possible overeating.

Pack Your Fridge With Healthy Foods

Going grocery shopping before the weekend rolls around is a good way to avoid the temptation to eat out. Buy healthy foods and snacks that will satisfy you without introducing too many calories from fat, salt or sugar. Dried fruits, cut vegetables, trail mix, nuts and low calorie desserts are possible options.

Invite People to Your Home for Dinner

Inviting people to your home for dinner is a healthy way to control your weekend diet. It is also a good way to share your cooking with others and deepen friendships. Eating out is a common way for people to socialize on the weekends. The challenge is that you might not have enough control over your diet in a restaurant. If others have chosen the restaurant and it doesn't offer healthier food options, you might be stuck eating higher calorie foods. When you do have to eat out, you will want to consciously make the healthiest food choices possible, eat smaller portions and avoid drinking too much alcohol.

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