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Getting Your Vitamin C from Kiwi Fruit

Fitday Editor
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Eating kiwi fruit is an effective way of getting vitamin C into your body. Kiwi fruit is a very rich source of vitamin C. There are few other sources where you can get your vitamin C in these same high proportions. The presence of vitamin C in kiwi fruit is 1.5 times the DRI scale. The recommendation by the US government for daily intake of vitamin C is between 90 milligrams, but not more than 2 grams. Vitamin C deficiency manifests itself primarily in diseases like scurvy, so eating just one kiwi fruit is a great guard against this.

Alternative to Citrus Fruits

Common knowledge dictates that citrus fruits are the primary source for vitamin C. This is seen no better than in fruits like oranges, but there comes a time when you may get tired of the same source all the time. For a taste alternative to citrus fruits, the kiwi fruit is an excellent substitute. Not only is the kiwi fruit richer in its vitamin C concentration than the average orange, but it also tastes delicious. The richness of vitamin C in kiwi fruits is enough to satisfy the daily vitamin C requirements in the average person. As a bonus, the kiwi fruit also comes with other benefits besides vitamin C. It is a fruit that is loaded with antioxidants, not to mention vitamin E, flavonoids and carotenoids.

Caution for Certain People

While receiving vitamin C from kiwi fruits is to your advantage, certain demographics have to be careful. Becoming allergic to kiwi fruits is a health risk for people who are already allergic to the calcium oxalate that is found inside of them. Other people are just naturally allergic to kiwi fruits, which is unfortunate given the high vitamin C content. Another demographic that is at risk when eating kiwi fruits is people who have had kidney stones. These people should not eat kiwi fruits and should instead get their vitamin C elsewhere. People who have already had kidney stones may relapse and develop more because of the calcium oxalate in kiwis. Just one kiwi fruit can contain between 26 and 99 milligrams of oxalate.

Skin Care Benefits

The vitamin C in a kiwi fruit comes with benefits that can help your skin. Vitamin C is central to skin care, and it is featured in many commerical skin-care products. Studies have shown that vitamin C promotes the growth of collagen, which is useful in providing both strength and structure to the skin. Vitamin C for skin care is especially beneficial for people who are growing older. The collagen that is stimulated from an influx of vitamin C turns around the visible effects of aging, such as wrinkles, on the skin.

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