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Chocolate Milk and Banana: Match Made in Nutrition Heaven

Fitday Editor
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Although it may seem unlikely at first, chocolate milk coupled with bananas are rapidly becoming accepted as one of the most effective, not to mention enjoyable, ways to get something good into your body, especially if you are exercising on a regular basis. There are many advantages to consuming this tasty combination before and after a workout, as studies are beginning to show.

Chocolate Milk Nutrition

In recent studies, chocolate milk has been pitted against the more traditional 'recovery' drinks on the market at present. These well known sports beverages are designed to quickly replace lost fluids, vitamins and carbohydrates that are lost during exercise. One of the drawbacks of these drinks is that they can become expensive for the athlete who drinks them every day.

Chocolate milk differs in the fact that it contains protein as well as vitamins, minerals and fats that are all beneficial to the body after a workout. The chocolate portion of the mils also provides the body with sugars, which are absorbed quickly by the body after exercise to 'refuel' itself. Apart from the nutritional benefits, it is also more economical to buy a large carton of milk and add chocolate syrup to it, rather than constantly having to purchase bottles of sports drinks.

Bananas Nutrition

Bananas are one of the most calorific fruits available. Although it would be difficult to get fat from overeating them, they are packed with potassium, which is one of the most effective minerals in the building of muscles in the body.

They are also one of the best fruits that contain digestible carbohydrates, which is just what the body is looking for both before and after exercising.

Bananas also contain three forms of natural sugars in the form of fructose, sucrose and glucose, which all offer, as with any natural sugar, instant resources of energy for the body. The soft texture of the fruit makes them very easy to digest and are quickly broken down by the body, with the added benefit of alleviating hunger pangs, thanks to it's substantial amount of dietary fiber.

Benefits of Exercise

After strenuous exercise, the body has depleted it's store of Glycogen, which is basically glucose stored and used by the muscles in the form of energy. Dietitians and practitioners of sports medicine recommend that these glycogen stores should be replenished within 30 minutes of exercising in order for the body to repair itself effectively. Chocolate milk provides the protein, minerals, sugars and fats that the body needs in a liquid form, therefore being quickly absorbed into the body. Bananas compliment the milk protein with potassium, as well as providing a high amount of calories (for a fruit) through natural sugars.

The combination of chocolate milk and bananas together is a powerhouse of fast, easily absorbed nutrition that the body is craving after putting it through exercise, and it is all natural to boot.

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