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Nine Types of Healthy Foods with Low Sodium

Fitday Editor
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Sodium, or salt, is a hidden preservative in many foods. Too much sodium in your diet increases your risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and kidney disease. If you have been advised to lower your salt intake for health reasons or you simply want to cut back on how much salt you ingest, then read the below list of healthy foods that are low in sodium. A food is considered low in sodium if it has less than 140 mg of sodium chloride per serving.


Two graham crackers, varieties include cinnamon, chocolate, low fat or original; five unsalted saltine crackers that are unsalted, or sixteen low sodium wheat thins.


A great low-sodium option is pasta. To increase the nutrients, fiber and overall health benefits, look for pastas that are made with whole wheat flour. Great pasta choices include two ounces of pasta, ½ cup of elbow macaroni, ¾ cup of rotini or three jumbo shells.


According to the United States Department of Agriculture, most sodium in the American diet comes from prepackaged foods. By eating freshly made starches that feature whole grains, you will have low-sodium, healthy food. When purchasing these starches, check the food label and make sure that each serving has 140 mg or less of sodium. Good starch choices include one cup of natural whole grain rice, one whole grain rice cake, one slice of Ezekiel bread or two taco shells.

Snack Bars

One General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milk N'Cereal bar, one chewy organic granola bar, one honey almond flax or trail mix Kashi bar or one Nutri-Grain cereal bar.


Excellent cold cereals include ¾ cup apple cinnamon Cheerios, one cup Kashi GoLean, ¾ cup Kashi Heart to Heart, ½ cup 100% Natural Granola, one cup Corn Pops, ½ cup low-fat granola without raisins, 1 ¼ cup Shredded Wheat or ¾ cup Grape Nuts.

Excellent hot cereal choices include a ¼ cup of dry oat bran, one packet of Kashi Go Lean hot cereal, ¼ cup of dry steel cut Irish oats, ¼ cup of dry grits, ½ cup of dry old fashioned oats or 3 tbsp. ofdry cream of wheat.

Dairy Products

Try out one tbsp. of fat-free coffee creamer, one slice of reduced fat cheese, one ounce of reduced fat cream cheese, one cup of skim milk, one cup of soy milk, one cup of low-fat or non-fat yogurt or 2 tbsp. of low-fat sour cream.

Protein Choices

One egg, 3 oz of 90% lean beef, 3 oz of tenderloin pork, 3 oz chicken breast, 3 oz turkey breast, 3 oz tuna, 3 oz salmon, 3 oz veal loin chop, or ¼ cup egg beaters.


Enjoy ½ cup of chopped broccoli, ½ cup of salt free corn, one cup of French cut green beans, one cup of spinach, one cup of cauliflower florets, ½ cup of baby lima beans or 2/3 cup of green peas.


One sugar-free popsicle, one sugar free frozen fruit bar, one 100-calorie ice cream bar or ½ cup of light ice cream.

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