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5 Healthy Parfait Ideas

Fitday Editor

A parfait is an easy to make, layered and quick treat that requires no cooking at all, only a tall glass and few basic ingredients. Parfait recipes may be used for breakfast, an afternoon snack or served after dinner as dessert. Here are 5 healthy and delicious parfait recipes that you can try.

1 Fruit and Yogurt

For this basic parfait, begin by layering plain, unflavored yogurt in the bottom of a sundae dish. Add a layer of fresh fruit. You can use bananas, blueberries, strawberries or whichever fruit you happen to have on hand. Then, add more yogurt to the parfait. On top, add some breakfast cereal (plain, unsweetened) and more fruit. Continue to add layers of each ingredient to the dish until you reach the top. Add a piece of fruit as a topping. This is a yummy, healthy breakfast.

2 Yogurt and Granola

Here is another classic parfait. Use vanilla flavored yogurt and place a scoop in the bottom of the dish. Then, add a layer of your favorite fruit and more yogurt. Next, sprinkle in some granola or granola cereal. More yogurt, more fruit and perhaps a little chopped nuts can be added. You can top this delicious parfait with a dab of yogurt and a ripe strawberry. This is a good healthy snack that will not ruin your appetite for dinner.

3 Peaches and Whipped Cream

If you love serving dessert with a meal, but worry about the calories of those sweet, sugary confections, and you would actually like something different from the usual cakes, pies and ice cream, try this parfait. This is a perfect substitution for those sugary and fattening desserts. For this parfait, freeze containers of peach flavored yogurt ahead of time. Place a scoop into your parfait dish. Add a layer of fresh peaches and a little low-fat whipped cream. Use crushed vanilla wafers and repeat your layers. This is a good parfait idea that pleases everyone. Top with a fresh or canned peach slice.

4 Nuts and Honey

Use vanilla yogurt, crushed nuts, honey and whipped cream in layers in a parfait dish for this recipe. You can also use granola or crushed cookies in place of, or addition to, the other ingredients. Top it off with a dollop of whipped cream, nuts and a cherry. A parfait sundae that is healthy and tastes great.

5 Whipped Cream and Berries

Make a patriotic parfait dessert by combining vanilla yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, and low-fat whipped cream. Layer in red, white, and blue, top with the whipped cream, a few blueberries and a strawberry. You can make a delicious, healthful low-fat dessert for any holiday by combining the colors of the fruit to fit the occasion. You can add food coloring to the yogurt to make your parfait look both festive and appealing. A parfait is the ideal dessert to feed your family and friends that will have them asking for more. What's more, it is healthier to eat than a dessert that is loaded with sugar and other things that are not that good for you.

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