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4 Types of Doughnuts You Should Always Avoid

Fitday Editor

As you already know, eating doughnuts is not the healthiest choice for a snack, but even still some doughnuts are so full of fat and calories that eating one will take you a week to work off. Most all doughnuts are fried in some type of fat, but if you chose a small doughnut or a yeast (rather than cake) doughnut, you can limit the amount of damage you do to your diet. Above all, you should avoid these four doughnuts:

Boston Creme

The Boston Creme doughnut is a doughnut you should avoid mostly because of the chocolate frosting and creme filling. The cream filling is usually a custard or other creamy filling mostly made from whole milk and sugar. A Boston cream doughnut contains approximately 400 calories and 16 grams of fat. Over half of the fat in the Boston creme doughnut is from saturated fat.

Apple Fritter

Apple fritters are among the unhealthiest doughnuts. Just because a doughnut has fruit it it doesn't mean it is a good choice. Apple fritters are deep fried in fat. A medium sized apple fritter contains approximately 17 grams of fat (almost half the fat from saturated fat) and 450 calories. Though apple fritters don't have frosting, they do have a glaze which is primarily high fructose corn syrup.

Maple Bar

Another worst choice in doughnuts is the maple bar. The maple bar contains approximately 490 calories and 29 grams of fat. Nineteen grams of fat are from saturated fat. Maple bars can also contain filling, just like the Boston creme, which can up the caloric content to over 600 calories. Some doughnut vendors even top their maple bars with strips of bacon.

Bismark Doughnut

Bismark doughnuts contain 520 calories. Bismark doughnuts also contain approximately 21 grams of fat and 21 grams of sugar. This is almost half of the daily recommended amount of fat for an entire day. Bismark doughnuts are thick cake doughnuts (which is where most of their fat comes from) and they are often filled with sugary jam or jelly. Bismark doughnuts are also dipped in powdered sugar which also contributes to their high calorie content.

The next time you want to enjoy a doughnut, chose one with sprinkles instead of frosting. Better yet, get a plain yeast doughnut. If you must indulge in a doughnut with over 500 calories, try splitting the doughnut with a friend. Steer clear of doughnuts with a lot of frosting or a creme filling. The smaller doughnut you can get, the better. Many doughnut vendors have deals on doughnuts, saving you more money with the more doughnuts your buy. Try to resist these deals. Try doughnut holes as your best choice for doughnut cravings.

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