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Four Foods with Low Satiety

Fitday Editor

When following a diet, it's important for you to know the satiety of the food that you eat everyday. If you're not familiar with satiety, it is basically a measure of how full you will feel after consuming certain types of food. If you eat a serving of one type of food and feel completely full then that food has a high satiety. If you eat the same size serving of another type of food and don't feel full, then that food has a low satiety. You should pay attention to the satiety of food because eating foods that leave you feeling fuller ultimately helps you to eat less and take in fewer calories everyday. As a result, you can lose weight or simply maintain your weight by choosing to eat more foods with high satiety in your diet. Here are just a few foods that have low satiety:


Aside from the fact that many nuts help dehydrate your body, they also have a low satiety that makes it difficult for your body to feel full. As a result, if you sit in front of a plate of nuts and eat them, you're more likely to finish them off and still feel hungry. This will force you to want to eat more later.


Like nuts, crackers have a low satiety. So when you eat crackers, you often do not have a full feeling. Rather than eating crackers alone, try adding cheese, which often has a high satiety. Just watch how many calories you take in via the cheese. You might be better off choosing a better snack that has a high satiety.


You're probably starting to get the idea by now. Most foods that are designated as snacks have low satiety such as chips. You can actually avoid eating snacks like chips by eating meals that have high satiety.

Chocolate Candies and Candy Bars

Chocolate candies and candy bars are loaded with sugar, so they're not the greatest things to add to your diet. But they also have low satiety so they don't actually leave you feeling fulfilled after you eat them.

In order to eat as healthy as possible, try finding foods that have high satiety to replace the snack foods above. Eating more apples, grapes and bananas as snacks will leave you feeling fuller, longer. For breakfast, try having oatmeal with skim milk to make sure you can make it until lunch without eating. By choosing foods that have high satiety, you don't have to starve yourself in order to stick to your diet. Rather, you can eat what you like to eat when you choose foods that leave you feeling satisfied until your next meal. It'll help you stick to your diet more efficiently and leave you feeling better about what you're eating everyday.

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