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3 Foods That Help You Maintain a Healthy Bladder

Fitday Editor

A healthy bladder is something that you should be concerned with working toward, especially since it is one of the most vital organs in your body. Your bladder's function is to collect all of the urine that your kidneys excrete before it is eliminated through urination. Sitting on the pelvic floor, the bladder is elastic, hollow and even muscular, and your urine goes into the bladder via its ureters and then exits through the urethra. If you want to maintain a healthy bladder, there are natural ways of going about this, and it has to do with the types of food that you eat. Here are three foods that can help you maintain a healthy bladder.

1. Cranberries

Cranberries are probably the most useful food that you can ingest if you want to help maintain a healthy bladder. Cranberries help to regulate the bacteria that can then cause you problems like urinary tract infections; cranberries accomplish this by the amount of natural antioxidants that they contain, as well as the acidic content in the fruit. The juice from cranberries features the ability of preventing bacteria from hanging onto the walls of the bladder and the urethra. Some studies have also, albeit still inconclusively, found a link between cranberries and a theoretical effect on people who have spinal cord injuries connected with bladder catheterization, and also infrequent urination.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is another food that you want to help yourself to, based on its healthy bladder properties. Specifically, the bacteria within yogurt actually work in a very beneficial way for your bladder's health. Its bacteria actually lessen the chances of you getting bladder cancer by a significant number of percentage points. Yogurt is defined as a dairy product which is created by a bacterial fermentation of milk. The well-recognized tang, flavor and texture of yogurt is the result of lactic acid acting on milk protein (the lactic acid comes from the fermentation of lactose). Yogurt is a food that mankind has been familiar with for at least the last 5,400 years. A common type of food worldwide, its health benefits also include high calcium, several vitamins and protein.

3. Bananas

A banana has several benefits for your bladder. A banana is a reliable and excellent source for two significant things that make maintaining a healthy bladder all the more possible. The amount of potassium and fiber in a banana can work wonders for your bladder health. Potassium especially works to increase the strength of the bladder, therefore helping to stave off potential infections that could occur. Bananas are thought to have first been domesticated in Papua New Guinea, but today, they are actually grown in about 107 different countries.

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