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2012 So Far: FitDay Users Share Their Fitness Success

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We're well in to 2012 - far enough to see some real results on the scales and around our waistlines. But this is also the time when New Year's Resolutions can start to unravel and bad habits creep in.

To keep motivation high, we asked real FitDay users to share the fitness success they've seen so far this year. Here's an edited selection of the inspirational responses we received:


My fitness success is that I have seen two physicians this month, and the nurse at the first visit said, "Wow, you've lost 14 pounds since we saw you last month. Please share with me what you're doing, so I can do it to." And the second visit with a different doctor, the nurse said, "Wow, are you an athlete? Your heart rate and blood pressure are within athlete range." YAY for FitDay!

-Valerie S.

I have lost 4.6 pounds so far in 2012. I have a long way to go but I set short goals for myself.

-Alice F.

My idea of a fitness success is a workout that never gets any easier. It always changes and evolves to challenge you every time. I had that today in spin class. The burning in my quads, hams, calves, and glutes was intense! :D

-Lana H.

So far this year I've run, I've biked, I've cross-country skied and I've walked. Time to get in the pool. Tracking it all with FitDay!

-Linda R.

My New Year's resolution was to lose 25 pounds by May 12 - my graduation date from my return to college. I began working out regularly January 3, and a few days after, began tracking and measuring my meals on FitDay. Since then, I've lost 10 pounds and gone down 4 belt notches and, according to the weight-goal graph on the website, I've consistently been ahead of schedule to reach my goal! I am SO grateful to have the help that FitDay provides - it keeps me motivated and on task, and really helps me eat the right foods and stay true to my goals! Thank you!

-John L.

I'm working on some strength goals. One is pull-ups. I am a mother of five little ones, so life likes to throw me curves a lot. To combat that, I have a bar in a door frame I walk through a lot. I never walk under it without knocking some out. I am back up to four in a row without kipping with my next goal of 10 by the end of the month.

-Christy M.

It's only my first day but using the food tracker made me realize where the extra pounds come from. I'm going to bed hungry since I wasted my calories on Cheez-Its, chips, and a granola bar. Will plan better tomorrow. 1,500 calories doesn't go far.

-Gina L.


Been on a diet for 4 months now, but as the comment says: progress for the year! Was on an annoying plateau for 2 months, then joined FitDay January 19 and immediately broke the plateau. Down 2.5 inches in my waist and 5 lbs!

-Mark A.

January was good. I lost 9 pounds and 4 inches!

-Belinda R.

My "success" is that I have maintained my weight... 2012 has started off with a bang, making it difficult to stick with my program. But I have managed to fit in a lot more than I would have last year and have managed to keep myself from going downhill - which I usually have by now! So to me, that is a HUGE success! Next step? Back to working out in the AM before work! :)

-Teri F.

I've been maintaining a healthy weight while making healthier food choices and upping fitness/exercise routine. I've also recruited five friends to use FitDay to achieve their 2012 health goals.

-Marissa L.

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