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Weight Loss Pills For Women: What's Different?

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In general, the biggest difference between weight loss pills intended for both genders and weight loss pills for women is the marketing. Women are most likely to try new weight loss supplements, and will naturally be drawn to pills marketed especially to them. The makers of diet pills know this, and capitalize on it.

Marketing Extras

In most cases, a women's diet pill has the same ingredient list as any similar open-gendered diet pill. The only real difference might be the pink box it comes in. There are some exceptions. Some pills offer dual or triple effects that are appeal directly to women, such as increased skin elasticity or heightened sex drive. The actual effect of these pills is controversial, as most of these pills are not regulated by the FDA (and therefore are not required to be proven safe or effective). Here are some of the "extras" weight loss pills throw in to attract female consumers.

Lose Weight and Increase Libido

Zalestrim and Slim Seduction are two products that claim to help you lose weight while boosting your sex drive. Slim Seduction in fact started out as a sexual aid, even though none of its ingredients have been scientifically proven to have any effect on female sex hormones. Zalestrim promises to help you lose weight while increasing your sex drive and firming your breasts. It contains many ingredients that mimic the female hormone estrogen. However, most tests and reviews find these claims unsubstantiated.

Lose Weight and Regain Young Skin

NV Rapid Weight Loss Beauty Pill is another diet pill on the market promising big improvements. Not only does it claim to help you lose weight, but it will increase you skin's elasticity and youthful appearance. It contains standard ingredients for weight loss and energy, including green tea extract and ginseng. To improve your skin, it stocks collagen and Coenzyme Q10, natural substances in your skin that decrease with age. Most of the ingredients found in this diet pill are quite common, appearing in most supplements of their type. This pill claims to a revolutionary diet and beauty aid for women, but in fact has no substantiated revolutionary effect.

Lose Weight and Manage Stress

Smartburn has a fresh angle on the weight loss game. Lose weight and control the effects of daily stress. Smartburn claims to burn 450% more fat than diet and exercise alone, although the clinical studies supporting this claim are not studies of Smartburn, but of a few of it's ingredients (which are added to the drug in amounts likely too small to have the advertised effect). Stress control is achieved through the additions of small amounts of natural extracts reported to positively effect mood.

Before you decide to take a pill that promises weight loss with other benefits, remember that there is no such thing as a miracle pill! The best way to lose weight and improve general health is proper diet and exercise. If you still feel the need to take a weight loss pill, don't bother with female focused diet pills. Their advantages are almost entirely in the marketing. Instead, consult a doctor about taking one of the available FDA approved proven weight loss drugs.

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