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Buff and Blazed: Here's How to Eat Healthy When You're Stoned

Put down those cookies! Yes, they may taste delicious, especially when you’re feeling particularly “enlightened,” but you know you can do much better and avoid the tummy ache the next day. Follow these tips to get in better control of your diet when you’re baked.

Keep Junk Food Out of Sight
“Out of sight, out of mind” is especially true when you’re stoned. Step one in sticking to a healthier diet is to get rid of the junk food, and what better way to do that than to stop buying junk food completely? If you’re going shopping and buying munchies in advance of toking up, this is where you need to enact some stricter guidelines for yourself.

Of course, you might find yourself out and about when you’re stoned. In these cases, if you just can’t help yourself from stopping by the convenience store, it’s simply a matter of willpower. Perhaps enlist a friend to keep yourself accountable, or just avoid being out too much when you’re high. If eating healthier is important to you, be prepared to make some sacrifices.

Substitute With Healthy Foods
Once you’ve cut the junk from your diet, you need to find some healthy replacements. Thankfully, marijuana has this interesting effect of making even the least appealing food taste awesome. So, if you usually avoid fruits and veggies, make another attempt when you’re stoned. You might just be surprised how great they can taste.

If you’re looking to healthify entire meals, it’s time to stop ordering pizza and getting fast food. Take a look at some cookbooks or look at recipes online for healthy meals you can make by yourself. You’ll save money, eat healthier, and feel better. What’s not to like?

Drink Plenty of Water
Even if you don’t partake, there’s a good chance that you’re dehydrated. On top of that, THC causes dehydration, leading to a recipe for disaster – or at least hunger and fatigue. Drinking water is healthy for you, and staying hydrated results in healthier skin, less toxins, and boosted energy.

In terms of having water be an essential part of your new diet, one of its greatest benefits is that it has no calories, meaning you can drink as much as you like without the guilt you might have with soda and fruit juices. Water also gives you a feeling of fullness, meaning there’s less of a chance of you reaching for those munchies. So, keep a water bottle nearby to reach for instead.

Ever wonder why so many euphemisms for getting high have to do with food? Whether you’re fried, baked, or toasted, do your best to eat healthier. Doing so will help make you feel better when you’re sober and will give you a better high when you’re not. If you’re still having trouble figuring out how to eat healthy, just realize that the same advice applies whether you’re stoned or not. And while it’s OK to sometimes reward yourself with an ice cream pie, just try not to do so very often.

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