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Obesity Nutrition Facts - The Truth About Calories

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Proper obesity nutrition and a regular exercise regime are the only two things that can help you counter obesity effectively. Obesity may be defined as an increase in the fatty tissue inside your body stored as reserve energy, to a point where health complications arise.

There are a number of health conditions that are correlated to obesity. The conditions include diabetes, sleep apnea, and cardio vascular diseases such as aneurysm, angina, arthrosclerosis, strokes and the most common occurrence, Myocardial infarction.

Obesity Factors

There are a number of conditions that may lead to obesity which include:

  • Genes and genetic factors such as height, weight and body shape
  • Illnesses that are undetected
  • Medications that cause unhealthy weight gain
  • Lifestyle choices and profession
  • Eating foods that are highly glycemic
  • Irregular dieting
  • Disorders in food habits and constant consumption of alcohol
  • Stress affinity

Out of all these factors, the greatest cause for obesity is fatty food intake or unhealthy eating habits.

Avoid Fatty Food

A diet that is low in glycemic levels and a regular fitness regime can help you overcome your condition of obesity. Dieting and regular cardiovascular exercise, for as little as half an hour a day, has proved to bring about as much as a 5 percent reduction in adults. Obese children should not be encouraged with fast foods, as they are linked to obesity in childhood.

Follow a Diet Regime

Losing weight is important on a weekly basis. Ensure that you have a strict diet regime. When you eat a serving of food, consume more fruits and raw vegetables. Raw vegetables cut in thin slices make for some excellent snack choices. If you think that your entire day's food habits are doing you more harm than good, you can always follow another method of dieting.

Eat at Regular Intervals

A break in the number of eating sessions is good. If your body is reacting badly to a diet, you can always select a diet that is spread throughout the day. You can eat smaller portions of a meal over an extended period of time. This would mean eating a raw vegetable salad or fruits every two hours.

Following an eating pattern like this will ensure that you consume less calories over the entire day. You will still feel satisfied, as the craving will reduce. Consuming fruits and salads will ensure that only your weight is lost, not your vitality. You will still have the energy to carry out your daily tasks without any problems.

The right exercise regime with proper obesity nutrition can help you reduce your obesity by as high as 8 percent of your body mass. Even a decrease of 8 percent in your body mass index can prove to be a great improvement for your health.

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