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4 Ways Alcohol Can Kill You Without Having to Drink It

Drinking a bit of alcohol is a good way to loosen up, but everyone knows the dangers of having too much. The consequences of overdoing it with alcohol can range from the minor inconveniences of a next-day hangover to the very real threat of death. And, when you’re consuming alcohol in a way that’s hard to judge how much you’re actually taking into your body – well, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Vaporizing Alcohol

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Not much else needs to be said about ingesting alcohol by vaporizing it. Besides the possibility of poisoning your lungs and damaging your throat, you also run the risk of getting alcohol poisoning. Plus, the quicker release to the brain can cause it to swell, creating potentially life-long conditions. The final kicker: because there’s no liquid to throw up like when you’ve drunk too much, there’s nothing you can really do if you happen to ingest too much. Stupid.

Eyeballing Vodka

For a lot of people, a shot of vodka is enough to make them wince. However, the mere thought of “eyeballing” vodka is enough to make anyone feel sick, whether they’re partaking or not. Eyeballing vodka is exactly what it sounds like, and while you’d have to be pretty dedicated to get yourself killed by doing it, it’s still quite likely that you’ll permanently damage your eyes while doing so.

Snorting Alcohol

No, we’re not mixing metaphors here – people have actually snorted alcohol, and not by way of some kind of powderized alcohol, either (though that certainly exists). We’re talking straight-up liquid vodka to the nose. Does someone even need to tell you the dangers of this profoundly dumb activity? Besides getting alcohol poisoning, you could also endanger yourself by getting liquid in your lungs, which is deadly.

Eating Alcohol-Infused Treats

Ask any college student, and they’ll tell you that eating alcohol-infused treats, such as Jell-o shots and alcoholic gummy bears, are a great way to get drunk without really drinking. With their sugary tastes and seemingly harmless appearances, these treats can also be a ticket to alcohol poisoning, especially when combined with traditional drinks.

Finding new ways to ingest alcohol can seem like a fun novelty, but as you can see, you’re probably better off sticking to something a little more traditional. Simply put, crack open a beer or make yourself a cocktail instead. And, as always, drink responsibly!

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