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4 Fads That Are Extremely Dangerous for Your Health

Some fads make us look back and say, “Man, that was kind of dumb.” Then there are fads that cross the line from stupid to just plain dangerous. With the rise of viral social media challenges, today’s teens — and older folks, too — have an even greater incentive to do some profoundly dumb and dangerous activities, including these alarming trends.

The Cinnamon Challenge

On paper, it sounds easy. Swallow a teaspoon of ground cinnamon without drinking anything for one minute. A teaspoon! That seems like nothing, but if you watch any video of someone attempting the challenge, you’ll soon see that it’s harder than it looks. And it’s dangerous, too, leading to choking, vomiting, and possibly a collapsed lung or other nasty consequences. While this challenge might make good YouTube fodder, it’s not worth trying at home.

Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Teens might be known for going to great lengths to secure alcoholic drinks. Underage drinking is bad enough, but when you factor in substances that aren’t meant to be ingested at all, you’ve got a more serious problem. The alcohol content of hand sanitizer can range from anywhere between 60 to nearly 100 percent, making it just as portent, or even more so, than standard shots. Those who drink hand sanitizer might not be experienced in drinking alcohol, leading to alcohol poisoning and the various complications that go along with it.

Vodka Eyeballing

And you thought it couldn’t get worse than drinking hand sanitizer. Those who are bored with drinking their alcohol have found more … creative ways of ingesting their drinks, such as taking a shot to the eyeball. You don’t need to be a doctor to imagine how dangerous this is. The mere thought of it is cringe-inducing, and the real-life consequences are worse: irritation, swelling of the cornea, and impaired vision.

The Choking Game

The so-called “choking game” doesn’t sounds like much of a game. Participants take turns strangling their friends until they experience a head rush, and in some cases, pass out. Obviously, anything that makes you faint or black out isn’t great for you health, and in some cases, the repercussions are much worse, including long-term neurological damage. And, in the case of dozens of teens since the 1990s, it’s led to death.

Clearly, some fads are not worth taking part in. Leave the stupid stunts to those looking for Internet fame, and let the regrettable outcomes serve a cautionary tale.

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