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Why Beginning Runners Lose Weight

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Beginning runners often lose weight quickly, and the almost instant results attract many people to the sport. Losing weight may be an elusive idea for some people, simply because it seems so hard to lose weight and to burn fat. There are a few specific exercises that accomplish this goal, one of the main ones is running. Using running as a form of exercise and to reach weight loss goals is very effective, especially for those who are new to the running lifestyle. There are several reasons why beginning runners lose weight so quickly, and why they become addicted to the running lifestyle.

Running Shocks the Body

One main reason why beginning runners lose weight is because the new form of exercise is a shock to their bodies. If a person practices one form or method of exercising, the body adjusts to and becomes quickly acclimated with that form. The heart, lungs and muscles react quickly to the change in their routine and start working to make the body more efficient in functioning. The result comes as an answer to a new stress that has been placed on the internal organs and external muscles.

Extra Calories Burned

When the body begins to respond to its new running lifestyle, it also begins to burn additional calories in order to keep up with the demand that's placed on it. Beginning runners often have sore legs, sore muscles and an overall shift in their body's comfort zone, but they also have less inches and the scale is lighter for it. The stress from running also places additional requirements on the lower body's muscles, and the reaction to it is to also become as efficient as possible.

Lighter Body Mass

The beginning runner loses weight in response to running because the body begins to lighten its mass in order for the lungs and heart to keep up with the pressure placed on it. This is typically why most avid runners are long and lean and carry very little body fat on their frame. An aggressive running program cannot support extra body fat, so it begins to dispose of and eliminate fat to remain efficient.

The success to a beginning runner losing weight and keeping the weight off will depend heavily on the diet and food that he consumes. While the body becomes effective at shaving off those additional calories, it's also important to be mindful of caloric intake and not consume any more calories than is ideal for the person's body type and structure. In order for the beginning runner to enjoy weight loss success, they should couple their new running lifestyle with a diet low in fats and sugar, and high in protein and fiber. This will ensure a healthy future in their weight loss journey.

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