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Weight Loss Myth? Eating Fat Makes You Fat

Fitday Editor

It is a definite myth that eating fat makes you fat, and the truth is that fat should not be completely avoided from any diet, even a weight loss diet. Fat, like everything else, should be consumed in moderation and should not be completely cut out of your eating regimen. Here are some reasons why:

Your Body Craves Fat

Fats and oils are an important bodily component, forming the basis of cell membranes and cushioning tissue for the body's vital organs. In addition to this, fats and oils are one of the essential food groups that need to be eaten in order for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Fat is necessary in food for the feeling of satiation and fullness after meal, and a lack of fat in a meal could cause the sugars in the food to burn rapidly. This will result in the person feeling tired and hungry very quickly due to continual fluctuation in blood sugar levels. This is the reason to include fat in each meal; the body naturally craves for the fat in the food in order to feel satisfied and full.

Your Body Stores Fat from Other Sources

Fat is the body's natural energy store, and is present for times when carbohydrates are not available. In other words, the fat is the emergency catchment for the rainy day and must always be present in the body unless the circumstances are dire. The body naturally burns the carbohydrates first, and this includes starch based foods such as rice, potatoes and barley, as well as sugars. The thing to note here is that carbohydrates and fats (lipids) are chemically interchangeable. Therefore, in the absence of fat, the body begins burning its storage reservoir of fat before each meal, and converts the next meal's carbohydrate into fat. This slows down overall metabolism and makes burning away the fat during exercise more difficult.

Your Body Needs to Build Muscle

Fat is also the basic component of hormones, and the hormones are required in the daily running of a person's lifestyle. For those who are looking to build a better figure, the hormone testosterone is required in muscle building, and is essential in cases where the muscle is built in order to displace the fat being burnt. Without the intake of fat into the body, the body is unable to build muscle necessary for a good built.

With that said, however, the truth is that the individual on a weight loss diet requires a lower fat intake than others. As a whole, reducing the fat intake can bring about tangible health benefits in the general population. Those on a diet should also avoid foods that are high in saturated fat, including butter, cheeses and animal fat, and choose the healthier alternative of unsaturated fat in nuts, vegetable oils and muesli.

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